Top 3 Reasons to Hire an Experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyer


If you or your loved one has been injured on the job, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. In a perfect world, you could get first-rate medical attention and sufficient workers’ benefits. Unfortunately, today’s world isn’t perfect. While the law sets the right procedure to be followed and the specific benefits the injured workers should get, some employers might try to go against it.

As you continue dealing with your employer’s insurer, there is a good chance you will start to feel like you’re over your head. These companies will try to minimize the amount of compensation. This is likely to work against you. Fortunately, hiring an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help turn the situation around. Here are the reasons you should seek legal help if you suffered injuries while on your official duty.

1.     Lawyers understand the complex legal procedures

If you suffered an injury while on the job, you should hire an experienced lawyer who can fight for your rights. These experts understand the complicated workers’ compensation laws and also know the legal procedures that are supposed to be followed for you to get compensated. Having a lawyer ensures that there are no bribes given in case someone wants to cover up your case. Remember, your lawyer works for you, not your employer.

2.     Excellent negotiation skills

Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer may want to reduce the value of your work-related injury claim. That means they will look for anything that can be used to deny your claim or reduce its value. Having a lawyer can help you find the right doctor to document your injuries and help you avoid various pitfalls that could be used against you or case.

Additionally, your attorney can help negotiate better compensation and ensure that all your medical-related costs and other costs associated with the injuries are covered. Most lawyers work tirelessly to ensure that the claim is settled outside the court. However, if your employer’s insurer isn’t willing to make a reasonable workers’ compensation settlement offer, your attorney would be willing to take the case to court.

3.     Reduced costs

Another benefit of hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer is that their services are affordable. If you choose to file a personal injury claim and must hire a personal injury lawyer, there is a good chance you will pay about 30% to 50% of the final amount of compensation you get. This is very expensive compared to most workers’ compensation lawyers who charge 15% of the total amount of compensation you are likely to receive after the settlement of your case. In case your claim is denied your attorney will offer you other options such as taking the case to court.

Getting injured while on official duty isn’t the end of your career. Even when these injuries are so severe that you may need to leave your job for an extended period, seeking workers compensation benefits can help

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