Treat Your Infected or Decayed Tooth with Root Canal Specialist in Temecula


If you often have tooth pain associated with decay or infection, getting a root canal treatment might save your tooth from falling out and reduce your pain. Thanks to modern treatment techniques, root canals don’t require to be upsetting or anxiety-inducing. At Sunshine Dental, Inc., general dentist Phillip Chien, DDS, performs Temecula root canal procedures in a comfortable setting. For more information about the benefits of root canal treatment, call or schedule an appointment online today.

What is a root canal?

This refers to the type of oral surgery designed to address decaying or infected tooth pulp. The pulp is a soft tissue lying beneath the hard enamel surface of your teeth and consists of blood vessels, connective tissue and nerves. The pulp plays an essential role in your teeth development, but it is also vulnerable to infection. During a root canal treatment, the inflamed tooth pulp is eliminated, which alleviates pain and saves your permanent, natural tooth.

Why would your tooth root become infected?

Your teeth experience wear daily. If you chip, damage, or crack a tooth, bacteria and plaque can infiltrate and start to multiply. If you don’t go to the dentist regularly, these bacteria can spread to the pulp and root of your tooth which can result in an array of more serious oral health issues, so it’s essential to seek treatment.

What are the symptoms of an infected tooth?

During the early stages of tooth infection, you might not notice it at all. However, as the inflammation progresses, some of the common symptoms include:

  • Spots or pimples on the gums
  • Severe pain
  • Gums turning dark
  • Discoloration of the affected tooth
  • Inflamed gums
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold drinks
  • Pus or fluid from the gums

In more severe cases, a cyst growth can also develop on your jaw at the infection site.

What should you expect during root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is usually completed in 2 to 3 visits. At your first appointment at Sunshine Dental, Inc., Dr. Chien administers a topical anaesthetic to make sure you don’t experience any pain. After your gums and teeth become numb, they make an incision near your affected tooth and carefully clean out the infected tooth pulp, spraying the area with water to eliminate any excess debris. After removing all the infected tooth pulp, the team will apply a temporary filling and offer you a list of care instructions. You will then return for another appointment after the tooth heals for the doctor to install a permanent crown.

How should you care for a tooth after a root canal?

Immediately after a root canal, you might have slight soreness for some days. However, the severe pain of the infection should be resolved. In case of immediate pain, over-the-counter pain medications can reduce your pain. Root canal long-term care is no different from the normal oral hygiene routine. With daily flossing, twice-a-day brushing, and regular professional cleanings, the root canal will last a lifetime.

To sum up, don’t allow a toothache to go untreated, putting you at the risk of more severe oral health problems. With new dentistry developments, you can have a root canal procedure at Sunshine Dental Inc. to care for the pain and restore the tooth functionality and appearance. For more information, call or schedule an appointment online today.

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