Understanding Skin Cancer


Cancer has caused worldwide panic for the past decade due to the high fatality rates.

There are different types of cancer depending on where the abnormal cells develop.

The earlier the diagnosis, the more effective and quick the recovery will be. Therefore, going for regular checkups is crucial as the doctor will quickly detect the problem while it’s at the first stage. You can get treatment for skin cancer in Downtown DC as there are facilities with competent dermatologists.

What is Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer emerges whenever there are abnormalities in the growth of skin cells. Normal skin cells usually have a specific DNA structure. Any mutations occurring to the DNA strands are what cause all the problems. It often makes the cells grow at abnormal rates, which later results in the development of lesions. The harmful ultraviolet radiation is the one that induces the change in the DNA. It’s common to find the skin parts with more exposure to the sun being at more risk of developing skin cancer.


When you visit a competent center for skin cancer, the dermatologist will look at the nature of your skin. This is where attention goes to the strange looks on the skin as it could be telling something. However, the specialists know how cancer can be undetectable with naked eyes. Other skin conditions strike a resemblance with skin cancer.

There will be thorough examinations on you to see the nature of your skin cells. It’s common to find the medic going through your medical history to see past issues with your skin. Additionally, they may ask questions regarding your family history concerning skin cancer.

From the total evaluation of your skin, it will become easy to identify any present lesions. They use modern technology in analyzing it. For instance, there is the use of a DermLite dermatoscope. The dermatologist may also perform a biopsy on the tumor and forward the sample to a pathologist to do the final evaluation. It helps in determining if there are cancerous cells or not.


When it comes to treatment, there are different approaches. What determines the choice is the location and size of the lesion. Besides, the type of skin cancer also plays a vital role in the decision. Reliable facilities are the ones that can offer assistance on a wide range of skin cancers. For instance, they ought to have the ability to deal with melanoma, carcinoma, and even precancerous lesions. There are also invasive treatment options through the Mohs micrographic surgery.


The right way to reduce the chances of skin cancer is by using sunscreen whenever you spend hours in the sun. It prevents the UV rays from reaching your skin and causes problems. The other significant way is going for regular checkups. It is a proactive way of dealing with cancer since early detection helps a lot.

Skin cancer is a common form of cancer that arises whenever a DNA mutation occurs in the skin cells. An early diagnosis of the disease is significant as the reversing and recovery becomes more manageable. It’s essential to find reliable skin cancer facilities since dermatologists will do a thorough job.

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