What To Do After A Bicycle Crash?


While riding a bicycle, safety is of utmost importance. However, no matter how conscious you are, the odds might be against you. At some point, you might be in an accident. Knowing the things to do right after the bicycle crash can make a huge difference in how well you protect the rights or those persons who might be severely injured.

Things to Do After a Bicycle Accident

It is scary when the bicycle gets into an accident with a car. However, if you know how to react after a bicycle crash, you can ensure your safety from further health issues and preserve your rights. Here are a few important things that you need to do after a bicycle crash:

  • Find a Safe Place

After the crash, it is hard to understand all that just happened. In such a situation, try not to panic and take a few deep breaths. In case you are able to move, try to move to the side of the bike path. If it is hard, just crawl because in order to protect your life.

  • Wait for the Police

Waiting for the police is essential. The people involved in the crash are legally obligated to stay at the scene until police reach. Even if you or another driver is not injured, it is important to wait for cops to arrive. Some bicyclists do not realize that they have been injured until the hours after the crash. Sometimes the minor injuries develop into serious as well as permanent problems. In case you leave the crash scene, you might not be able to know the at-fault driver ever.

  • Get Medical Help

Another important thing to do is getting medical help. In case you have injuries, seek the necessary medical treatment as soon as possible. Any delay in the treatment would be viewed negatively by the insurance companies as not relating to the bicycle crash. Ensure you document your injuries as this would help in claims.

  • Take the Photos of the Scene

Your phone is a significant tool. Use your phone to capture pictures of the scene. Ensure you take pictures of the driver of the car, road conditions, lighting, streets as well as damage to your bike. Try not to move your bicycle until you take a few pictures.

  • Note the Driver’s Information

Having the information on the driver involved in the crash is essential. Note all the information like name, phone number, license plate number, address, make of car, insurance policy number, and driver’s license number.

  • Obtain the Information of the Witnesses

Tracking down the witnesses is quite difficult. Don’t assume that witnesses would be easy to contact from the police report. Ensure you take the current contact information of all the witnesses. If possible, ask them to stay around until the police arrive so that the cops can take their statements for the official report.

Once you have all the information in your hand, the next step is to seek the help of an experienced attorney. It is advised not to speak to the insurance agent of other drivers or accept any settlement amount before you have word with your lawyer.  In case you are looking for a reputed personal injury lawyer, click here now.





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