When Is The Right Time To Fire Your Auto Accident Attorney?


If you have been through one of the most harrowing things a person can go through, that is a car crash; then you deserve top-notch legal representation. To be honest, you can fire your personal injury attorney at any time you want; no justifications are required. However, if you are looking for your reasons to be solidified, then here are a few reasons which, if relatable, mean it’s time to let your lawyer go and look for a second legal opinion.

If you have been through a car crash in ABQ, the points mentioned below will let you decide if it is the time to fire an auto accident attorney ABQ:

Communicative Differences

Your attorney is being vague about the proceedings of your case and isn’t giving you the full information, and that brings you discomfort and suspicion. Your attorney is to tell you literally all details of your case, no matter what.

Lack of Experience

The person you have hired may not specialize in personal injury cases and does not understand the complexities of this case. If you want to win your case and receive a fair settlement, then best to get someone with experience.

Case Referred Out

Your firm may refer your case out, even after promising you excellent representation. This could be done without your knowledge, even. This proves that they don’t prioritize your case, so it is advisable to go looking for someone who will.

Unethical Behavior

The attorney you hired is expressing sexual interest in you and is making you uncomfortable. This is sexual harassment and not at all professional behavior. Fire the person, and in fact, sue them afterward for the trauma you have faced.


Are you facing disrespectful behavior from the attorney? If yes, it is unacceptable. If your attorney dismisses you, or even goes as far as berating you, then it is time for them to go. Seek an alternate individual who is respectful and professional.

At the end of the day, you and your attorney are meant to be a team. If any behavior of your attorney makes you the slightest bit uncomfortable, fire them. If you feel that they’re not competent or not prioritizing your case, fire them. For literally any other reason that does not sit right with you, fire them. Remember, this is your case. You deserve someone who not only makes you feel validated and comfortable but also provides you with excellent representation. Before hiring the next person, it is advisable to check their credentials, as well as past behavior records.

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