Why Schedule Well Women Exams?


As a woman, you know how important it is to exercise regularly. Also, you know how good a balanced diet is to a healthy life. However, most women forget the role that going for regular well-woman exams plays in their lives. Dr. Patricia Brougher notes that regular checkups keep you healthy as a woman as there are many issues that are addressed and others diagnosed early before they cause major health complications.

You have an opportunity to sit down with your doctor and discuss your reproductive health issues. A gynecologist will answer your questions and even the primary health care provider will offer you vital advice that can change your life and health for the better. A routine exam is highly recommended for women, as there are many issues that can affect your life and health.

For instance, breast cancer is prevalent and needs to be detected or diagnosed early for effective treatment before the cancer spreads. A pelvic exam is essential depending on your age. The exam gives you an opportunity to assess your health needs and even ask vital questions concerning fertility, hormones, stress, sexuality, and family planning.

How Early Should the Physical Exam Be?

ACOG recommends that girls should go for their first gynecological appointment at 13-15 years old. For women, it’s 21-29 years old. Furthermore, the body recommends going for annual checkups including a Pap smear.

In case you are in the 30 – 64 age bracket, your well woman exam should be yearly and the pelvic exam should be after every 3-5 years. However, this depends on the doctor and your medical history. Irregular screening is unhealthy as some diseases or conditions can develop to become major health problems without this regular check. This can affect your health and quality of life.

Why You Need Regular Screening

This physical screening is an ideal way to keep cervical cancer at bay. Also, you get tested for HPV and other sexually transmitted infections or diseases. Clinical breast exams should be done regularly and if possible annually. This can be done in conjunction with other self-exams to help the doctor advise you accordingly. Early detection is a good way of ensuring that the diseases are treated early and don’t interfere with your quality of life.

Counseling services for various health problems including depression, stress, disease diagnosis, and lifestyle problems are aimed at helping you live a better and healthy life. You can easily overcome certain problems if you share them with your doctor for appropriate action and preventive measures.

Doctors always work in your best interest and are truthful in their assessment and advice. For instance, when they recommend dietary changes, they have a solid reason for doing so and they know how that will benefit your health in the long-term.   Some diseases, like heart diseases and diabetes, which is a leading killer in women in the US, are prevented by eating healthy diets. Develop a healthy and stable relationship with the doctor to ensure that these benefits are long-term and you get maximal health benefits. Medical history determines which diseases and conditions are at a higher risk of affecting your health. You get appropriate preventive measures to put in place to save you from those diseases. Besides, you get an early diagnosis. Contact the specialists to schedule a routine checkup.

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