Wrongful Termination in Connecticut -Explained!


You work hard in university for years and finally get a good job. A few months later, you get to know you are fired from your job. It can take a financial and mental toll on the employer to see themselves losing their job, especially when there are no valid grounds for termination. Fortunately, federal and state laws protect employees when they become victims of wrongful termination. You can discuss your case with an employment law attorney in Connecticut to know your legal rights and ensure you deserve fair compensation. 

Can your employer fire you?

Connecticut is an at-will state, meaning the employer can fire the employees for any reason. However, the reason should not be illegal. Wrongful termination is when your employer fires you for unlawful reasons. According to the law, illegal reasons for firing an employee include terminating them based on:

  • Gender. 
  • Race or nationality. 
  • Age. 
  • Sexual orientation. 
  • Religion. 
  • Pregnancy. 
  • Mental disability. 
  • Physical disabilities. 
  • Taking leaves under the Family and Medical Leave Act. 
  • For filing for a whistleblower claim, sexual harassment claim, wage and hour claim, workers’ compensation claim, discrimination claim, and more. 
  • Any other reason not mentioned in the employee’s contract. 

What can you do if you suspect wrongful termination?

After being a victim of wrongful termination, you can take legal action against your employer. Sometimes, you can directly talk to the human resource department or your employer. If the employer does not provide a valid reason, it is time to take legal action. 

You can file a claim with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Connecticut Commission on Human Rights And Opportunity (CHRO). You can file the claim within 180 days from the day of your termination with EEOC. If you fail to file for the claim within 180 days with CHRO or EEOC, you will not be able to file a lawsuit against your employer and eliminate the chances of getting monetary compensation. 

Hire an attorney! 

If you believe you are a victim of wrongful termination, you can speak to an employment attorney who can help you understand if you are eligible for filing for the claim. After discussing your termination, if your employer believes that you were fired for illegal reasons, they will help file the claim. Additionally, the lawyer will help prove that your employer was negligent because there are high chances the employer will point out that the reason for the firing was lack of productivity or other. Therefore, a lawyer can defend you and protect your rights in such cases. 

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