Your sister is your best friend if you share these 8 traits!


Do you remember the first time you went to school and your sister helped you to get ready? Does it still make you smile when you remember the biggest fight with your sister and your parents had to become the judge? Do you still have that first gift she had given from her pocket money on your birthday? Don’t you miss those days a lot?

We feel nostalgic when we remember about those fun-filled childhood days, isn’t it? But don’t you think your childhood couldn’t have been so much memorable if you didn’t have a sister in your life? We can’t deny the fact that a sister makes our life so much more beautiful. Lucky are those who have sisters to share beautiful moments with. Their support, love, care, and affection help us in every sphere of life.

A sister is the first friend and guide in our life. But have you ever realized that she is our best friend as well? Here are the checkpoints that will let you know if you share the best friendship with your sister or not:

  1. You share everything with her

If you feel like sharing every bit of your personal and professional life with your sister, then you consider her your bestie for life! Be it a fight with your colleague or an embarrassing incident at your college, you would not feel better until you just speak it out to your sweet sister. Sometimes, you can’t even keep a secret of others to yourself but reveal it to her because she is your secret keeper.

  1. You never judge each other

Best friends never judge each other. The only thing they do is to guide each other and let you always pick the right decisions in life. So, if your sister is your best friend then you have no worries about being judged. You both can share anything and everything, take guidance, and reveal each other’s secrets because you don’t judge each other.

  1. You fight but never back out to say sorry

Having some misunderstanding, clashes of interests and arguments are common in every relationship. If you ever fight with your sister or if she makes you angry, then you can never stay for a long time without speaking to her. Saying sorry is always your way out to have her smile back. You both never hesitate to apologize for a misunderstanding no matter who starts the fight first.

  1. You can’t plan an outing without her

If you plan an outing or a movie, you can’t do it without your sister in. She is always there in every plan you make.

  1. You need her suggestion in every big and small matter

Be it in the trial rooms to select the perfect outfit, or when you are going for the higher studies, or even when its time for choosing a life partner, you can never think of anything without taking her suggestions and guidance.

  1. You love to surprise her

On every special occasion like birthday, Rakhi, New Year, or Friendship day, you love to surprise your sister. You love to shop for her and make sure she loves your surprise gifts.

  1. She is your storyteller

Unless you both share some good gossips, you can’t fall asleep. She is like your storyteller who has all the latest spices. Even if it is not about gossips about someone else, you would not spend a day without talking to her till late at night. Her comforting words act like your bedtime stories.

  1. You can’t let anyone hurt her

You can’t see your sister in tears for any reason. You may tease her with funny names but you can’t bear when anyone else does the same. Even if it is someone from your family, you will never leave her side when she has to justify herself. You always support her no matter what! And that makes you her best friend too.

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