4 Reasons You Should Consider Hemodialysis


If you or your loved one is on course for hemodialysis, it can be a scary time since you do not know what to expect. You will most likely be anxious and scared of what is going to happen. However, hemodialysis is a very effective procedure that facilitates removing waste products from the blood when the kidneys cannot do their job as they should any longer. During the treatment, a machine is used to filter wastes, salts, and fluid from your blood. It is a popular way of treating kidney failure. If you are undergoing hemodialysis, you will need dialysis access, a catheter required for the treatment. When looking for dialysis access in Bakersfield, you should know it serves as the point where the hemodialysis machine removes blood from your body and passes it through an external dialyzer. It is all part of eliminating excess fluid and waste from the body and ensuring you are left with only clean blood.

While it is easier to think that hemodialysis is all about the blood and making it clean, it comes with some significant benefits. The following are some of the things you stand to gain;

  1. It carries a relatively low risk of infection

Hemodialysis uses an AV fistula, the gold standard vascular access for accessing a person’s blood. You are not at an increased risk with hemodialysis as is the case of peritoneal dialysis, where you may get infections of the abdominal linings or at the site of catheter insertion for carrying the cleansing fluid.

  1. Better quality of life

If something is wrong with your kidneys, they become incapable of performing regular functions. It leads to the building up of waste, fluid, and electrolytes in your body, affecting your organs and could result in your death. Hemodialysis helps maintain the required balance to enable you to live a healthy life. When you do not have toxins in your body, you can enjoy the quality of life you deserve.

  1. Hemodialysis is done three times a week from the dialysis centers

Most patients do not want to spend a lot of time going through hemodialysis. Thankfully, this is a procedure that can be done three times a week, leaving most of the week dialysis-free. You do not have to waste time and end up affecting your daily routine.

  1. Less surgical interventions

AV fistulas for dialysis last several years, which is longer than transplanted kidneys and catheters for peritoneal dialysis. The good thing with this type of dialysis is that you will not have to undergo several surgeries. Your safety is not compromised, and you will not have to go through many inconveniences, especially in your daily life.

Before deciding to try hemodialysis, you will receive intensive training on what the procedure entails and what you should expect. You could also get advice on using the equipment safely. You may also want to have a family member walk with you every step of the way. Remember, you will need a support system you can rely on because hemodialysis requires commitment and can get you to the point where you feel like you cannot do it anymore.

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