4 Tips to Protect Your Tooth Enamel in Buffalo Grove


What is tooth enamel?

Tooth enamel is the outer covering of the tooth’s crown, basically a rigid shield for teeth protection. Eventually, it can be affected by various bacteria present in the mouth by consuming multiple foods. Though Tooth enamel is more robust, it can be harmful once it starts wearing down, and it is necessary to stop getting damaged. You can consult a specialist of restorative dentistry in Buffalo Grove to cater such issues. In this blog, you will read about protecting your tooth enamel.

Avoid intake of sugary foods and acidic drinks.

Foods like sugar, pastries, sweets, cakes and beverages like tea and coffee are enemies of your teeth. These foods allow the bacteria to grow in your mouth, which causes the enamel to break down. Try to eat more greens and eat less of these sugary foods and beverages, stopping the enamel from breaking. Avoid drinking tea/coffee directly, and drink it from a straw instead.

Eating plenty of vegetables, fruits and dairy products.

Consuming fruits and vegetables high in fibre is good in protecting the tooth enamel from harmful acids and helps increase the flow of saliva. On the other hand, dairy products like milk and cheese are good sources of calcium and make tooth enamel stronger. If you can’t have it for some reason, then make sure to have cereal foods that have calcium in them.

No over-brushing.

Brushing is a must but over brushing is a big no. Brushing is good twice a day, but if you think brushing more than two times a day can save you from all the dental problems, you are wrong as brushing more than twice is harmful, making the tooth enamel weak. Should brush in the right way where you have to be gentle on your teeth as they are soft and sensitive like skin.

A regular visit to a Dentist.

A regular visit to a dentist is a must. As human bodies need doctors to cure aches and pains, teeth also need dentists. If there is any fault with your teeth, a regular visit to a dentist can keep the pain away. It can be detected earlier if there are any errors in the teeth.


Teeth enamel acts as a shield on your teeth from getting damaged, but it can slowly start becoming thinner and erode within no time, leaving your teeth in danger of getting infected. By following the above, fortunately, one can save their teeth from getting damaged.

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