Chipped Tooth? 3 Ways to Make Them Look Like New in Dacula, GA.


The enamel is the most potent covering agent acting as a shield for your teeth which is probably stronger than bones, but it has limits of its own. If in a fight or accident, teeth can chip by either breaking or decisive blow or slipping and falling hard on your mouth. It can result in teeth becoming weaker and at risk of tooth loss. People with chipped teeth often get embarrassed in front of others while talking, eating, or smiling. Sooner it would be best if you visited the family dentist in Dacula, GA, before getting into significant trouble. In this blog, you will read three ways to make a chipped tooth look like, and they are as.

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It is one of the most common treatments for chipped teeth. Bonding fills the broken teeth surfaces to make the teeth look presentable and prevent them from getting weak and spoilt. Bonding is a process where the melding of composite resin on surfaces of the teeth is broken or damaged. It is one of the most straightforward solutions and can last for years if taken care of and nothing major. If the damage is paramount, the dentist might suggest other treatments for the safety of the teeth. 


If very severely damaged teeth, the dentist will suggest crown treatment. In crown treatment, the crowns made of porcelain give coverage to the damaged teeth and protect the teeth. Crown treatment is also considered one of the most accessible treatments for treating chipped teeth. Due to advanced technology in dental crown treatment remains one of the most convenient processes.


Veneers are an exciting and third option for chipped teeth. Veneers are fitted on the teeth with stains, cracks, and chipped, and it conceals the outer tooth area, almost bringing it back to a routine and desired shape. In cosmetic dentistry, veneers effectively restore the teeth and protect them from getting damaged. So these are the above three ways to heal chipped teeth to get back to normal.


If, by chance, you have a chipped tooth, do not neglect it, instead visit a dentist for professional help to restore the chipped teeth before the damage takes it to another level. By visiting the dentists regularly, one can avoid the risk of getting into significant trouble.

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