5 Major Types of Massage


Many types of massage therapy focus on different healing approaches or other parts of the body. Massage is done by kneading and rubbing the body using the hands. During a massage session, the massage therapist applies strong or gentle pressure to the tendons and muscles to reduce pain and tension. For an excellent massage in Verona, contact the specialists at Montclair Rejuvenation Center.

Types of Massage

  1. Swedish massage

One very common type of massage is Swedish massage therapy, which involves light, rhythmic, tapping strokes on top layers, and soft, long kneading strokes. This is associated with the movement of the joints. Swedish therapy can be energizing and relaxing by relieving muscle tension.

For this massage, you must remove your clothes, but you can choose to keep your underpants on. You then lie on the massage table covered with a sheet. The massage therapist moves the sheet to expose areas they are working on.

  1. Deep tissue massage

This massage gives attention to stiff, painful trouble spots in the body. The massage therapist uses slow strokes, focusing on tendons, layers of muscles, or other tissues under your skin.

Deep tissue massage pressure is more pronounced than Swedish massage. It doesn’t have to be painful. This type of massage is beneficial to people with lingering injuries and chronic pain that cause restricted mobility.

  1. Hot stone massage

A hot stone massage uses stones that are heated. The massage therapist places smooth, warm stones on the body’s points and holds the stones during the massage. These stones are normally volcanic rocks that maintain heat well.

The warmth of these stones can be relaxing. Heat relaxes tight muscles, so the hot stones enable the therapist to relieve muscle tension areas quickly. If you have medical conditions, such as diabetes, varicose veins, heart disease, and high blood pressure, you should check with your therapist before getting a hot stone massage.

  1. Sports massage

Sports massage is a better option if you have a frequent muscle injury, like the ones you get from playing a sport. If you are susceptible to injuries, sport massages are good for you because it helps prevent further sports injuries. You can use sports massage to increase performance and flexibility. Sports massage can be used to relieve anxiety, pain, and muscle tension.

A massage therapist can focus on parts of the body that need full attention, or it can be done as a full-body massage. Soothing strokes can be alternated with deep pressure, depending on your needs. You can get a sports massage while naked or with clothes. If you prefer having clothes on, ensure it is loose and thin and allows massage therapists to access your muscles.

  1. Trigger point massage

Trigger point massage is suitable for people with chronic pain, injuries, or a specific condition. Tight areas in the muscle tissue, known as trigger points, might cause pain in other body parts. While focusing on relieving trigger points, this massage can ease the pain.

Massage may be the best way to feel good mentally, emotionally, and physically. You can experiment with different types of massage and different therapists to determine which type and therapist are best for you. You should let your intentions and expectations be known to your massage provider and tell if something is making you uncomfortable. If you have health issues talk to your doctor before having a massage.

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