Intervention Options to Help You Lead a Better Life After STD Diagnosis


Sexual health is a critical part of any human being, and being conscious of your partner’s health can help save them a lot of distress. Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) can have serious consequences when ignored, as they may mean the end to your fertility or extreme pain. With an expert of STD treatment in New York, you can have a reason to worry less as you find the best diagnostics and treatments for STDs.

Why should you have an STD treatment expert in your plans?

An STD refers to a disease that you get when you have little protection when having sexual intercourse. The most dreadful issue is that with an STD, you are more at risk of passing the problem to another person and creating a chain of infections. Such chains can hurt society. STDs mostly rely on body fluids to move from one person to the other. While that is usually the case, your baby too can get an STD from the mother during pregnancy or birth. The most common sexual issues that need attention from your doctor include:

  •         Chlamydia
  •         Genital herpes
  •         Genital warts
  •         Hepatitis B
  •         HIV/AIDS

Frequent screening is the only way you can confirm your safety, as earlier detection means a faster reaction to manage or eliminate them.

What common symptoms mean that you have an STD?

STDs have many symptoms that vary with the type you have. Initially, most STDs stay hidden for days before you begin to notice some pain. However, the most notable signs to look out for include:

  •         Unusual discharge
  •         Painful sex
  •         Sores on the penis
  •         Bumps in the vaginal region

If you are in need of an excellent urologist, Michael Rotman, MD is experienced in detecting some STDs after you have had unprotected sex with strangers or even partners whose status you do not know.

STDs come from small microorganisms that pass from one person to the other due to your body fluids’ movement. These viruses and bacteria hang in your system to get nourishment, as they gradually destroy you if you fail to have frequent tests and treatment.

What puts people at risk of getting STDs?

The major reason for getting STDs is multiple sex partners; however, other reasons can increase your chances of the diseases. You should have a frequent session with your doctor if you have a history of the following:

  •         Have had an STD in the past
  •         You frequently have casual sex
  •         Take drugs
  •         Alcoholism

What options are there if you have an STD?

Your doctor will begin your STD-testing sessions with a one-on-one conversation. In the conversation, you will explain your medical history and your behaviors. Next, you will receive an examination to check on your symptoms to determine the types of tests needed. Your doctor will then diagnose you and offer medication.

STDs can have a dangerous effect on your life when ignored. With urologist Michael Rotman, MD, your worry can be soothed. Begin your journey to a better sexual experience by making an online appointment at the center or calling the staff to book your spot.

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