A short comparison of iRobot’s two most popular Roomba robot vacuums


Robot vacuum cleaners are all the rage these days and some of them work really well. But which one is the best for your situation? We purchased 11 of the leading models to find out which really is the best robot vacuum in our detailed review. Keep reading to learn whether you should even vacuum in the first place if you should toss out your manual vacuum, and which robotic companion would be the best fit for you and your home.

Robot vacuums nowadays create a lot of buzz in the tech industry because of the convenient way of using it. However, which one of these small, but versatile cleaning machines is best for your needs?

First and foremost, the reason why people buy robot vacuums is because of its aesthetics. Regular vacuum cleaners can clean any type of floor and can even improve the entire appearance of the floor, however, because of technology; people are now keener on purchasing gadgets that provide them convenience that is why robot vacuums are very in demand nowadays.

One of the most popular robot vacuum brands is Roomba, and if you have heard or have an interest in purchasing one of its robot vacuums sooner or later, you should check out this short, but a very informative comparison of Roomba 690 vs 890.

Both robot vacuums are considered as the cheapest models of the four Roomba models that are being offered nowadays by iRobot on its official website, find out here now.

If you want efficiency, you need the Roomba 890 because of its better mapping, quicker and lesser maintenance cleaning solution, while the Roomba 690 is the cheaper type of the 890, it has the same features, and however, it has the older cleaning technology which is considered as an entry-level robot.

Both the 690 and the 890 models utilize the iAdapt navigational technology as its floor guide. Using the iRobot’s proprietary algorithm and its software, the robot vacuums can quickly map out your entire floor to ensure that it can cover the entire area and not miss a single spot.

In terms of dirt detection, all of the Roomba robot vacuums have their own dirt detection sensors which allow these robots to find the dirtiest areas on your floor and to focus more on these particular areas for a more thorough cleaning. The Roomba 690 has acoustic sensors to detect dirt, while the 890 has used the same acoustic sensors, but it has an added range using optical sensors that gives it better dirt detection.

Both the 690 and the 890 use a three-stage technology cleaning cycle that uses a combination of its main brush and a debris extractor along with with side brushes, and a versatile motor that can such all the debris and dirt on your floor.

Finally, both the 690 and the 890 have the same features and capability, however, the latter may have some slight advantages, but nevertheless, either of these two can certainly help you with your cleaning chores.

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