How To Deal With Stress


Everyone is prone to stress. Adults, teens, children, and even babies. Stress is not only a physical or mental tension. It is also an emotional strain or tension. It is a reaction to any change that requires a response or an adaptation. Stress is a normal part of life. Not all stress can be negative like grieving over a marriage that ended too soon. San Antonio divorce lawyers will help you lessen the stress that comes with divorce. Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing we can do about stress. We need to learn to cope and get the right care and support. It will help reduce stressful feelings and symptoms.

Common symptoms

People often have strong and lingering reactions after a traumatic event. Symptoms may be physical, emotional or mental.

  • Disbelief, shock, and insensibility.
  • Sadness, frustration, and helplessness.
  • Losing focus and difficulty in deciding.
  • Stomach problems, migraines, and back pains.
  • Addiction and dependence on alcohol, drugs or cigarettes.

Healthy ways to cope with stress

Different symptoms need different solutions. You need to understand your symptoms before you can deal with them. Stress management is all about taking in full charge of yourself. This includes your lifestyle, thoughts, and emotions. Here are some of what you can do to cope with stress.

  • Take care of yourself.

A healthy, well-balanced meal will lessen your stress. Exercise on a regular basis to help you focus on the essentials and ignore the non-essentials of life. Get plenty of sleep. People who are sleep-deprived feel stress more often than those who get enough sleep. Give yourself a break. Rest. Go somewhere to relax and be at peace with yourself.

  • Talk to others.

Sharing your problems with others will lessen the burden you carry. Approach your parents and friends. Consult your doctor, pastor, or anyone who you think will make you feel better.

  • Avoid drugs and alcohol.

Do not let addiction and dependence on these blind you. It may relieve your stress but it will create more problems in the long run. It will only increase the stress you have.

  • Acknowledge that you need help.

Sometimes our burden becomes bigger because we are in denial. We do not want to accept the fact that we need help. Only when we recognize this need will we be able to move forward.

Individuals have different ways of coping with stress. Children and adolescents usually struggle and have no idea of how to cope with stress. Stress can be overwhelming for the youth. Especially when it has something to do with a traumatic event. Parents and educators or mentors should take steps to provide support for them. Keep in mind that others cannot help us if we do not let them. We need to embrace the help they offer. There are steps we can take to relieve the pressure and regain control.

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