Acid Reflux Solutions for Better Digestive Health


Indigestion is a common issue that can affect you once in a while. The issue often accompanies a burning sensation in your chest. However, some people have an unusual persistent burning sensation that comes soon after eating a meal. Acid reflux makes your stomach acids seep through the stomach muscles and reach the esophagus. If you are struggling with the condition, Dr. Matthew W. Shawl has the skills to eliminate the issue so that you can enjoy a quality life.

Causes of acid reflux

Acid reflux refers to a regurgitation that permits acid contents to move out of your stomach and into the adjacent organs, causing inflammation. In medical terminology, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is the name of the condition. The situation can reach extreme levels where it affects your voice box, a medical situation called laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR).

What are the symptoms of acid reflux?

Acid reflux has peculiar symptoms to it, which might make you worry about other deadly situations. The most notable symptoms to expect from the issue include:

  •         Frequent coughing
  •         Difficulty swallowing
  •         Heartburn
  •         Bitter taste in the mouth
  •         Postnasal drips
  •         A lumpy feeling throat
  •         Hoarseness with your voice
  •         A constant need to clear your throat

The longer you ignore a visit to your doctor, the worse you get with your situation. Some patients with the issue have reported a change in their breathing patterns, with others having difficulty breathing in air. Dr. Shawl advises that if you have the symptoms more than two times a week, you should have an expert check on you. Acid reflux is a situation that increases the risk of cancer, which is why you must act fast and have it checked.

What are the evaluation techniques for acid reflux?

Dr. Shawl is an experienced professional when it comes to the situation. When you present yourself at his center, you will receive various examinations to check whether you have the issue. The first level of treatment involves traditional medicine, which gives equally effective results like modern methods. However, before any treatment, you will receive processes such as an endoscopy, a swallow study, or a PH check that will confirm whether you have the problem.

What are the available treatment options for acid reflux?

Once a positive result comes out, you have an option of many treatments. The first line of treatment involves a recommendation for behavior change. Such changes include:

  •         Losing weight
  •         Removing caffeine from your diet
  •         Limiting the use of alcohol
  •         Eating smaller meals
  •         Eating earlier, several hours before you go to sleep

These lifestyle change intervention methods work better with over-the-counter medications that also help deal with the issue. Dr. Shawl will prescribe you antacids and stomach acid reducer medications to go with the medications.

Acid reflux can hurt your quality of life if ignored. Dr. Shawl has the treatments to help you manage your situation without the use of invasive procedures. Begin your journey to better digestive health by calling the center or reaching out through an online appointment.

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