How to Correct Puffiness and Sagginess on Your Eyelids


Eyelid surgery or an eyelift is a common operation in cosmetic eye surgery. Doctors perform this surgery to correct sagging upper eyelids or flabby pockets on the lower eyelid. Because the eyes are the most noticeable parts of the face, it is essential to seek medical help for tightening. If you are looking for a Jenkintown ophthalmologist & eye surgeon for cosmetic eyelift surgery to correct sagginess and puffiness of the eyes, there is help at Suburban Eye Associates.

What causes the upper eyelids to sag?

Aging is one of the primary factors that affect the shape of your eyelids. The first wrinkles are noticeable at mid-age, but genetic factors can speed up the aging process. Also, exposure to environmental elements such as UV rays can cause the eyelids’ delicate skin to thin very fast and sag.

Contrary to perception, your tear sacs are filled with fatty tissue and not tears. Sometimes, the sacs can wear due to illness or lack of sleep.

With time, the sacs develop into flabby sockets, and your eyelids adopt a saggy look. When this happens, it is vital to seek medical help for corrective surgery.

What to expect during an eyelid surgery

When the sagginess becomes visible, your ophthalmologist performs a pre-operative examination to determine the cause and recommend a treatment. Your doctor checks for visual acuity and field to investigate sight clarity. What happens is that your eyes are put under a microscope with a beam of light and the eye fluid pressure is checked.

Your doctor may postpone the surgery upon detecting a lacrimal apparatus defect that can cause eye dryness. Further tests are conducted, and your medical history is evaluated to rule out a clotting disorder or use of pain medication. At this point, you can talk to your doctor about the surgery and expectations.

 During surgery

Your ophthalmic surgeon recommends eyelift surgery for cosmetic purposes. It is a walk-in procedure performed under local anesthesia. The lower and upper parts are operated on simultaneously, and excess fatty tissue is removed.

The incisions are made in the anatomical areas of the eyelids to prevent the occurrence of scars. The operation can last up to two hours and does not require hospitalization.

Are there side effects

 Eyelid surgery is a frequent and low-risk operation in cosmetic surgery. After the surgery, the area around your eyes may swell, but this disappears in a few days. Also, you may experience eye dryness which ends in around three weeks.

Useful tips

Your doctor recommends surgery in extreme cases. However, you can take care of your eyes through lifestyle changes. For instance, getting enough sleep, stopping smoking, reducing salt intake, and treating eye surgeries. Also, use a cold washcloth and press it on the eyes.

Non-surgical options

Currently, doctors are using non-surgical options such as ultherapy, deep laser, and fractional laser to tighten the eyelids.

Eyelift surgery is a corrective procedure that improves your eyelids, which boosts your appearance and confidence. If you would like an eye correction procedure, contact the specialists at Suburban Eye Associates.

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