Amazing Facts About Injectable Fillers


These days, most people are looking for treatments to smooth wrinkles, saggy skin, and smile lines without necessarily going for surgery. As you age, the tissues on the face become thinned. Lines around the nose and mouth become visible, and the nose changes in shape a little. One solution to this entail injecting fillers to smoothen the wrinkles, plump up the lips and cheeks, thus giving you a more youthful appearance with lasting results. Colorado Springs injectable fillers specialists at Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics offer injectable fillers services to help deal with skin sagging. They offer customized treatment depending on your specific goals.

What is the purpose of injectable fillers?

Injectable fillers are an FDA-approved treatment method used to smoothen the wrinkles and give you a more youthful appearance. They are injected into your skin with a needle. The following are the functions of injectable fillers:

  • They help smoothen lines in your face.
  • Rejuvenates shrunk cheeks
  • It brings symmetry to your face.
  • Removes scars

Who is the right candidate for injectable fillers?

Injectable fillers help us rejuvenate our facial areas, thus eliminating the look of being tired or sleepy. How do you know if you are the appropriate candidate for this procedure?

Injectable fillers can be used by both males and females who have realistic expectations.

This procedure is appropriate for non-smokers because they heal faster. The movements you make on the face while smoking will worsen the wrinkles or fine lines, making the results not last.

It is appropriate for those who are beginning to get severe wrinkles on the face but do not want traditional surgery. It is the right option for those who would like to deal with specific areas without interfering with the whole face.

You may not be the right candidate if you have severe allergies because certain fillers may cause a reaction. Your doctor will ask about your medical history to establish any allergic reactions in your body. The specialist will then offer the appropriate treatment that cannot cause an allergic reaction.

What are the precautions after the procedure?

After the procedure, your doctor will advise you not to lie down for some specific hours. This allows the injected jelly to settle in the treated areas.

Your doctor may tell you to stop touching your face for at least 24 hours. You may be required to apply some makeup that hides the swelling. Your doctor will tell you the makeup to avoid.

Avoid smoking, as this might worsen the results. Quit smoking for a specific period to promote healing.

Avoid medications such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and blood thinners.

Avoid direct sunlight for some weeks, and when applying sunscreen, it should have an SPF of 30 and above.

After the procedure, ensure that you follow your doctor’s instructions to promote healing and satisfactory results. Ensure that you go for all the follow-up meetings with your doctor. You should also explain to your doctor about any health concerns. Do not go for this procedure if you are breastfeeding or you are allergic to some substances. Talk to your doctor to get an appropriate and effective treatment plan.

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