What you can do to Help Manage Your Flat Feet


Flat feet are a common complication where you get invisible arches. With this condition, you are more likely to experience mobility challenges and foot pain. The Colorado Springs flat feet specialists at Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado can help you diagnose this condition and manage it. However, you also have a big role to play to help in the management of the condition. Do the following, and you will help you manage the flat feet.

Ensure Your Shoes Gives You Good Support

If you are an athlete, please do replace your athlete shoe more often and avoid high heels. You are also not to go on barefoot on hard surfaces, particularly in the morning when you wake up. This is because flat feet are commonly felt when you wake up. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have supportive footwear by your bed.

Shed off Some Pounds

If you are overweight or obese, your legs are suppressed to more pressure and stress, making your condition worse. Therefore, your provider will advise you to lose some weight and reduce the overall weight your legs have to bear.

Adopt a low-impact exercise routine

Some of your daily activities and sporting activities such as cycling and swimming can make your condition worse. Therefore, you can always ensure that you do some exercises with low impact after the activities, such as stretching your feet and calves. You can curl your toes to help them relax or make circles with your ankles and your feet.

On the contrary, avoid activities such as jumping and running as they can cause a lot of impact on your feet.  Such exercises can put more stress and pressure on your feet, worsening your condition.

Have a Foot or Leg Stretch Routine

Besides other exercises, you need to ensure that you don’t stop doing some stretches to your leg and feet. You can do so by stretching your calves and the bottom of your foot. To stretch your calves, you can put your hands on the wall while your feet remain parallel to each other and lean gently towards the wall while your back heel remains on the ground. You have to hold this position for about 10 seconds as you repeat the exercise several times.

You can stretch the bottom of your feet by sitting down and crossing one of your feet across the other. You then hold your toes and bend them in a backward position. You can then interchange your feet and repeat the exercise.

Use a Walking Cast or Boot

This is one of the ways you can relieve the pain through its not a cure. Your doctor typically can recommend the controlled ankle motion (CAM) walking cast. This walker helps your feet to rest, relieving pain. However, if you take the cast off, the pain can return. Therefore, you can only use this option as complementary to other options such as low-impact exercises.

Use Appropriate Shoe Inserts

Your shoe insoles can help you manage your flat feet by giving you an extra cushion and added support. The best part is that you can have the inserts custom made or get them over-the-counter. To optimize the good results you get, please choose firmer insoles with good arch support.

There is more you can do to help manage your flat feet. To learn more and have the expert guide you, please reach out to your provider at Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado.

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