Care During Orthodontic treatment in Malden


Are you finding difficulty coping with newly wired braces around the teeth causing discomfort and pain? As you look at your braces in the mirror, the brackets and wires that can be seen are a headache; they have hooks and crannies that might trap food particles and plaque around the teeth area, giving it a rise to gum problems, decaying of teeth, bleeding of gums. You can solve all these problems if proper care is taken with regular checkups, cleaning teeth, and switching to a healthy diet. You can consult family dentistry in Malden, MA, to know more about this. But in this blog, too, you will read how to take care of ongoing orthodontic treatment.

Consuming a tooth-friendly diet

It means avoiding foods and drinks that contain high amounts of sugar, such as chocolates, chicken, colas, popcorn, potato chips, and diet coke, leading to the decaying of teeth as these foods can loosen brackets and displace orthodontic bands and snap archwires. Sticking to liquid and soft and healthy food and diets is necessary. Drinking adequate amounts of water helps in maintaining the saliva to wash away acids in a quicker way. Getting a list of foods you can consume after putting on braces from the dentist gets you sorted.

Cleaning in and around the area of the braces

Taking Advice from a Dentist is a must as they help you go with everyday cleaning of the braces to reduce the risk of tooth decay. Orthodontic braces create small dots causing the bacteria to stick around the teeth promoting tooth decay and bleeding of gums. So it is a crucial step to brush your teeth with a brush having softer bristles after every meal or snack to get rid of the plaque and food particles stuck in the tooth.

Use of elastic regularly

This part requires patience and consistency. If an orthodontist prescribes you to wear elastics, make sure to wear them regularly except while having meals and while brushing your teeth. If you fail to wear the elastics even for a day, then there is a possibility of your teeth moving back in the same position.

Prevention of damages during sports activity

Sports can be the main reason for the damages of broken orthodontic appliances. Players who play football, cricket, and others are at higher risks of getting injured. So to protect your orthodontic braces, mouthguards should be worn every time a sport is played.


To keep your teeth healthier, follow the prescription given by the dentist, and the consumption of the right foods helps you protect your teeth from getting damaged.

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