How To Prevent Chances Of Heart Failure.


Heart failure is a medical condition in which enough blood is not pumped by the heart required for the body to function. The term heart failure does not mean that the heart has stopped working. It simply means that either ventricles are filled with low blood or the heart is not pumping the blood properly.

Specialists of cardiovascular diseases in Fayetteville would recommend certain lifestyle changes which will be beneficial for the patients.

Heart failure can be caused by factors that do not relate to the heart. For example, high blood cholesterol levels can lead to the accumulation of cholesterol in the coronary vessels, narrowing the vessel and reducing the blood supply to the myocardium. This eventually reduces the heart contraction force, as the heart muscles do not receive sufficient blood supply.

What tips are given to reduce the risk of heart failure?

Certain tips are provided by the doctors, which include:

  1. Stay active: The patient must have an exercise routine. Moreover, a study says that a patient in their late 40s can reduce their risk of heart failure. Doctors advise having at least 2 hours of moderate aerobic exercise per week to increase the rate of heart pumping.
  1. Keep moving: Despite having a fixed exercise pattern, if a patient is not doing anything and just sitting around will increase the chances of heart failure. A patient must limit their time of sitting (max 2 hours) and do certain activities.
  1. Avoid drug abuse: Drugs could be very harmful to heart health even if they are done occasionally. It will increase heart rate and blood pressure. Moreover, it will make arteries stiff and will raise the chances of heart failure.
  1. Treat heart and other conditions: Other heart problems can also lead to heart failure. Conditions like atherosclerosis and high blood pressure may cause heart failure, so patients must have their medications prescribed by the doctors to lower their cholesterol levels to avoid the risk of atherosclerosis.
  1. Quit smoking: A patient must have to quit their habit of smoking, this is because smoking is a starting signal for heart failure as it will damage the arteries. Moreover, passive smoking is more harmful as compared to active smoking.
  1. Eating habits: A balanced diet is essential for a healthy heart. The patients must limit the use of oily stuff and avoid using excessive fat in their diet. They must go for fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. The use of walnuts, avocados, and fish is beneficial.

If you even notice pain in the chest, you can contact your doctor and follow these tips mentioned above.

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