Choosing sale ready colours for your home


We can often underestimate the importance of choosing the right colour scheme throughout our homes when trying to sell. Giving the whole house a freshen up will not only appeal highly to potential buyers but choosing the right colours in various rooms can psychological have a positive and negative impact on your potential buyer. It can also help to create a feeling of space within the chosen room, hallway or even the exterior of the property. Getting it right when choosing the right colour scheme can be the vital decision in achieving a quick house sale or not.

Many home sellers choose to go for natural colours throughout such as magnolia or white. This can help the potential buyers to have a blank canvas when visualising themselves living within your home. It is cheap and easy to do it this way and many home sellers believe it a successful way to sell your house fast. However many people are psychologically effected by the use of colour and just like the supermarkets use of visual props to obtain sales, a home seller can attempt the same trickery to selling their house fast.

The outside of your home is the first thing a buyer will see, a clean natural blending tone such as white or pale magnolia will instantly help your viewer to feel they are about to enter a clean kept house. White can also a little uninviting with its often sterile use so using a little bit of colour like light greens, blues, and other natural colours perhaps on the window sills or props such s plant pots with colourful flowers can send out welcoming signals to buyers.

The entrance in your home can be a wow moment for potential buyers so getting this right is important. If your hall way is rather large using a variety of softer tones such as olive, soft yellows, and subtle blues can give a feeling of harmony and peace it can also make the space more appealable to the eye as the use of a few colours will draw the view into the space. If it is a smaller entrance blank colours such as white or magnolia would work better and will make the space appear larger.

Living rooms and bedrooms these are going to be the most lived in rooms throughout the house so have to present the buyer with feel good vibes, light, warm soft colours will work better at making the buyer feel at ease and relaxed giving a positive vibe to take away with them and to then think over when deciding about your home.

Kitchens and bathrooms suit more modern block colours and give the space a real attracting point of the house. Using these colours here will draw the buyer into the purposeful space. Buyers will no doubt look for welcoming, homely colours that will present them with feel good vibes so they can they go away remembering how nice they felt looking round your home.

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