Comparison Of House Removalists&Professional Tips When Choosing a Reputable Removalist Company


When you are relocating to choose the right removalist company available in your area, plays a significant role, whether you are moving locally or internationally. Never settle for the first available removal company, but make a comparison regarding to service features and the experience which at least three furniture removal companies in your area, offer.

    Some professional tips choosing a removalist company

It is essential to ensure that the removalist company of your choice must be trustworthy and dependable. Choose a moving company which is accredited. ISO certification and FAIM accreditation are vital if you are relocating internationally. To be accredited such a removal company had to adhere to strict requirements regarding the removal industry and that the company put in a lot of effort obtaining accreditation.

Ensure that the home removalists of your choice can offer you a thorough relocation solution which includes all the detail from your departure to arrival at the new destination.

Make a comparison between the insurance policies of the house removal companies and determine which one has the best compensation plan in the incidence of breakage or damage to your possessions or in a case where it can get lost.

Make a good assessment regarding the transportation of your belongings. Enquire whether the shipping and packing materials they use are complying with the standards determined by FAIM.

It is important that the furniture removal company has trained employees and that the techniques used to wrap your possessions should provide the utmost protection and care.

    A few examples regarding packaging

Rugs must be rolled, secured and then wrapped to prevent creasing.

For protection against damage and dust, it is necessary to use heavy duty plastic for mattresses and lounge suites.

Custom made furniture covers will protect furniture like sofas.

Special crates should be built for highly valuable items to ensure the utmost safety.

After completing the packaging, all your items will be numbered and labelled to simplify the cross check process at your destination.

Items like plasma TV’s are requiring custom made packaging as well as specialist care.

 Gowns & suits must be packed in hanging cartons which are custom designed.

You should also evaluate the removal company’s transport vehicles which they use to transport your valuable items in a secure way.

    Some transit options

The aim of a renowned removalist is relocating your possessions safely and speedily with as little as possible inconvenience to you. Transit options to take into account are:

Furniture vans which are purpose-built are particularly equipped to transport household items.

Containerized transport via rail, road or sea. Using containers is cost effective and safe and terminates any double handling of items. Containers can be custom built. The tie rails which are used prevent movement and secure loads.

The best option is to load your possessions directly at your home. This decreases how many times your possessions are handled, which minimizes the risk to get damaged.

Your possessions can be air freighted should you need it sooner at your new location.

    Quote for relocation

It is important that the price should not be the deciding factor when you hire a moving company. There are a lot of additional aspects to take into account. The majority of people choose furniture moving companies which provide a low quote, which can be a huge mistake.

Evaluating a removalist can assist you to make the right choice to assess if the company will fulfil your particular requirements and needs.

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