Comprehensive Cosmetic Procedures in New York


Whether you are fighting aging, acne, wrinkles, skin sagging, or other skin issues, New York Cosmetic Dermatology offers comprehensive services that will take your skin’s vibrancy and appeal to the next level. Located at Midtown East and Murray Hill, the highly experienced and skilled dermatologists provide injectable, laser therapies, and multiple other cosmetic procedures to treat anything from sagging skin to unwanted hair. All their services focus on meeting the desired aesthetic goals and needs of their patients. To get started with a customized cosmetic treatment plan at Manhattan Dermatology, schedule a consultation through mobile or book online.

What Is Cosmetic Dermatology?

Cosmetic dermatology enhances the vitality and beauty of your skin. The specialists at Manhattan Dermatology help treat numerous aesthetic issues, including, but not limited to, unwanted hair, skin pigmentation, and sagging skin.

How Can Cosmetic Procedures Tone and Tighten Sagging Skin?

The providers incorporate the use of advanced laser therapy technology. This laser therapy technology heats the skin layers beneath, thus stimulating new elastin and collagen production. The body’s collagen works to fill the lost volumes, hence tightening your skin and promoting a natural, youthful look. Patients can choose from a variety of laser technologies, including Sciton Contour, Clear + Brilliant (with Permea), and Fraxel Dual. Dermal fillers options include Voluma and Sculptra. Both function to replace the skin’s lost volumes.

How To Achieve Clear Bright Skin, Free of Wrinkles

To achieve that, vibrant, youthful look, chemical and laser peels will suit you best. The chemical and laser peels work to reduce pore size, remove skin pigmentation, and even your skin’s tone. To erase fine wrinkles caused by dynamic muscles, the Manhattan Dermatology specialists use Botox. For creases and deep wrinkles, the cosmetic specialists use injectable fillers, i.e., Restylane (with Silk), Juvederm, and Relotero.

How to Remove Scars, Keloids, and Moles

At Manhattan Dermatology, patients with moles must undergo skin screening first to determine if they are the right candidate for surgery. The dermatologist removes benign moles using cryotherapy or surgical procedures. Your provider might also recommend in-office surgical procedures to erase deep/shallow scars or keloids. If you are not the right candidate for surgery, the scars can be concealed using chemical peels or dermabrasion.

How to Remove a Double Chin or Earlobe

In case your earlobe is stretched or torn during an ear-piercing, your dermatologist (Dr. William Long), might recommend surgery to repair the earlobe. As for thin earlobes, dermal fillers can work correctly. Your dermatology can remove your double chin by melting it with Kybella injectable. To get desired aesthetic results, a patient will have to undergo several Kybella sessions. Each session takes ten minutes.

Getting Rid of Unwanted Facial Veins or Hairs

The dermatologists at the facility use laser therapy technology to remove unwanted hair and facial veins permanently. This laser technology targets the pigmentation in these visible veins and unwanted hair. Sclerotherapy is also an excellent alternative for treating unwanted veins.

In conclusion, Manhattan Dermatology is a comprehensive practice focusing on restoring and improving their patient’s appearance. The facility is open to residents across New York and neighboring communities. If you wish to incorporate cosmetic dermatology into your skincare routine, schedule a consultation today through mobile or book online.

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