Different Ways To Get A Green Card


If you live outside the United States, a green card is your one-way ticket to living in America. If you wish to become a permanent resident in the US, applying for a green card is the first step. While saying this is easy, achieving it can be equally tough. For an immigrant, it is not easy to make their way into another country, especially the US.

The process can indeed be complex but can be bearable with the help of a Dallas TX green card lawyer. There are a few different ways to get a green card. All the options have lengthy processes, but knowing the essentials can speed things up.

Different ways to get a green card


Yes, you can marry your way into the United States. To use this method to get a green card, you must first get married to a person who is already a permanent resident or a citizen in the US. Your spouse must be at least 21 years old. However, your marriage must be genuine. You must not get married to someone only for the purpose of seeking a green card. An advantage of this method is there is no waiting time for spouses of US citizens.

Through a family member.

If you have a family member in Dallas, TX, United States, they can sponsor your immigration. The family member must already be a permanent resident or US citizen. Your relative must also be able to prove that their earnings are 125% more than the poverty line.

If your relative is a citizen of America, you must prove that you share one of the following relationships with them.

  • Spouse
  • Children under 21 years old
  • Unmarried child over 21 years
  • Sibling, if you are at least over 21 years old
  • Married child
  • Parents, if you are at least 21 years

In case your relative is a lawful permanent resident, you have to prove one of the following relationships.

  • Husband or wife
  • Unmarried daughter or son of any age

Through employment.

You can make your way into the United States if you get a job there. If you have received a job offer from the United States, your employer can sponsor your visa. To do this, your employer must first get a labor certification with the US Department of State. They have to prove that there are no US workers available to fill the position required for the job.

You can also get a green card if you invest a significant amount into an American business. Another way of getting a green card through employment is extraordinary abilities. People with recognitions like Grammy awards and Nobel Prizes can apply for this visa.

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