Role Of Degree In Law Course


If you already have a successful degree, an alternative to this is the free decision not to start the legal clerkship. You also have to face the fact that the last few years, often associated with a lot of effort, have been more or less wasted if you want to devote yourself to a completely different area. Lawyers with the first state examination are called qualified lawyers, and there is a market for them too. The question is whether you want to start a job straight away or continue your education first.

Public Service Professions

Especially in the higher public service, some positions are often filled with qualified uncontested divorce lawyers AL, work in the human resources departments of larger companies and authorities. They can also find employment in health, pension, and social insurance schemes.

It is also possible to work in federal or state ministries or as a consultant in the public sector. A career in politics can be pursued with MPs and parliamentary groups. Here the preparation of legal opinions, press releases, and plenary speeches are on the agenda.

Working internationally as a lawyer

A career option is also the lawyer in the diplomatic service, for which only the 1st state legal examination is required. It would help if you were also willing to be relocated worldwide, work in a team, and be able to work under pressure. 

Working as a lawyer at a supranational organization offers exciting insights. The 1st state examination, an LL.M., is often helpful when hiring. Most of the work takes place in the administration. It also includes other legal activities (often in a specific area of ​​law) or consulting activities at various bodies or organizations. 

Applicants should also have the appropriate language skills (English, in any case, every other language is a plus). In addition, experience abroad and openness to foreign countries and cultures are advantageous.

Working and learning combined

Especially in the private sector, if you do good work, you can also complete a course of study, usually borne by the employee. However, this path is often exhausting and requires a lot of discipline.

One career option is to work as an uncontested divorce lawyers AL. Good knowledge of commercial and tax law and commercial and social law is an advantage. The activity occurs in the legal department or management and consists of advice, organization, and administration.

Another option is to work as a mediator. The 1st state examination is sufficient for this. Further training or a corresponding qualification is usually additionally required. As a mediator, you support parties in finding an out-of-court solution to conflicts. These can come from the private environment or the business sector.

The job of the ombudsman is very similar to the mediator. It is a body established to arbitrate tasks impartially and independently. Ombudspersons are employed by the city or the city administration and should regulate disagreements between citizens and the administration. 


There are many career opportunities for lawyers without a 2nd state examination. However, they face another challenge in the more significant competition. They often work in areas in which many humanities and social scientists apply. Depending on the activity, they compete with job candidates who have acquired similar qualifications through training.

It is now essential to show initiative, be willing to take any detours, and do more than just what is necessary. There is always a new opportunity. You have to seize it.

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