Everything You Need to Know About Breast Implants


Despite the advancements in anesthesia and safer techniques, many women still fear going under the knife. It is understandable since breast augmentation is not an easy task. You must be sure of what you want before the surgery. If you would like to have Pasadena breast augmentation, Dr.Sasaki will take you through the process and schedule the surgery.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation involves surgery to the breast to increase the size. Your doctor will place implants under your breast tissue to increase the size. Even though it is cosmetic surgery, it can also correct breast ptosis, a condition due to loss of volume after a weight loss or pregnancy. Sometimes your doctor will recommend plastic surgery to correct sagging nipples and raise the breasts.


When ready, your doctor examines the bust, size, areolas, silhouette, shape, and positioning of your breast. The tone and thickness of your skin will guide the selection of the implants. Dr. Sasaki usually prescribes high-quality implants that are not too large or heavy.

The surgeon shows you different breast shapes and asks you to select your preferred choice. The doctor puts you under general anesthesia, and after that, admits you into the hospital for two days.

What to Expect After the Procedure

Your chest can remain swollen for two weeks and the breasts will feel tender for several weeks. Some bruises will fade away after some time. Initially, the doctor will dress the area in post-surgery care and prescribe a special bra for one month. Losing breast tenderness is a rare complication.

Your doctor will remove the sutures within two weeks, but there will be no need if they are absorbable. The doctor schedules follow-up appointments within the first year after surgery.

Do You Need Some Time Off From Regular Activities?

Yes, breast augmentation is a major surgery that requires a few weeks’ break from everyday activities. However, the duration of time depends on the intervention. You will have to wait for at least a month before you can resume sporting activities. Your doctor will prescribe a sports bra for your workouts.

How Long Will You See the Results?

After the surgery, your breasts will swell and then become larger when the edema disappears. It can take three to six months to evaluate the final result and a year to heal.

Will You Need Replacements in the Future?

It is not easy to predict if you will need to change the implants in the future. However, in the event of a problem such as a rupture, your doctor will recommend replacements.

Can Implants Increase the Risk of Cancer, and Can You Breastfeed?

Studies reveal that there is no increased risk of cancer after a breast augmentation. The risk is very negligible, such that it does not require preventive intervention.

The incisions interfere with the breast and milk duct and, thus it is not possible to breastfeed with augmentation.

If you are concerned about your breasts’ size, contact the experts at Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center for a superior makeover. Breast augmentation will improve your appearance and boost your confidence levels. 

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