Best Printed Carrier Bag Types


Printed bags are considered to be the best form of advertisement for any brand. They are beneficial for both the brand as well as the users. The brands can easily advertise themselves with these bags’ help to a large number of audience as users carry them from one place to another. There are various types of carrier bags that you can find on the streets. The style of the bags depends solely on the type of the business. Let us read about the bestcarrier bags types:

Paper printed carrier bags are one of the types. They are further split into more types—luxury paper bags along with rope handles, flat handles and kraft paper, one with twisted handles.

The flat handle or the kraft paper bags are primarily used for carrying sandwiches or take-away. They are much cheaper as well as robust. These bags are basically made along with flat handles but are sometimes manufactured handle-less. The printed carrier ones are perfect for carrying food items such as take-away meals, baked goods and sandwiches.

Luxury paper bags that are made with rope handles are available in different prints and colours with a specific logo and design. The handles are typically manufactured with ribbon and rope handles. You will find this kind mostly in boutiques and clothing stores. They cost more for manufacturing.

The pones with twisted handles are very much attractive but straightforward. They are very much popular at the clothing stores and are way cheaper than luxury bags. The handles are thin but strong. The bags are made from kraft papers.

  • Plastic carrier bags

These bags are made from two different kinds of materials- HDPE and LDPE. The HDPE are crinkly and rigid, while the LDPE is smooth and soft. They are further categorized into the following types:

  1. Vest and t-shirt style ones are most commonly used as the supermarket or the grocery bags. They are the thin mass plastic bags that are used on a regular basis.
  2. Patch handle/die-cut are the ones that have handles punched out. These bags are much thicker than the t-shirt ones and provide more excellent durability and strength. They are primarily used in clothing stores and sports shops.
  3. Flex-loop ones are characterized by the flexible plastic strips handle. It is welded at the inside of the bag. There is more space in the bag, and it is made in large sizes. They also provide much more comfort to the hands of the users.
  4. Clip handle plastic ones are costly because they are made of excellent and challenging handles that are used to seal the bag. They are considered to be more luxurious and are used as freezer bags.
  • Bags for life

These are reusable bags that are very much durable and are used to shop for almost anything. Materials that are used to make this type of bags are jute, polypropylene and cotton

Nowadays, people are more concerned about creating a greener planet. Therefore the best-printed carrier bags used by most of the brands are reusable and very much popular. It would be best if you considered certain factors while choosing a carrier bag: the appearance, price, and purpose of the use.


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