Few Informative Lines on Mikimoto Pearls


Pearls are natural occurring gem stones. Unfortunately, due to varied environmental hazards, the occurrence of natural pearls has ceased to a great extent. However, the demand for the round, gorgeous looking pearls is on rise. This inspired Kokichi Mikimoto to make cultured pearls.

How cultured pearls came into existence?

 It is a simple process done on ocean beds, however the steps involved in culturing pearls is long, thus need complete dedication and time. Normally, in natural pearls, formation of the nacre is due to the irritant inserting itself in the opening of oyster whereas in manmade pearls the irritants are inserted by man. The need to monitor the process of forming nacre and then finely it turning to pearl needs total caring and dedication of pearl makers.

The innovative idea of making pearls in such a way was of the great Japanese inventor Kokichi Mikimoto. In 1893 he got his first perfect flawless pearl by implanting the nucleus or core in the oysters. The process he used was followed by numerous makers of pearls even then the quality, design and craftsmanship of making the pearls by Mikimoto could never be matched by any makers of cultured pearls. Thus, they dominate the production of superior class cultured pearls even today.

Every year the Company Mikimoto introduces awesome stylishly designed jewels embedded with their lustrous pearls. There jewels are symbol of fine delicate jewellery, each a masterpiece of craftsman belonging to Mikimoto Company. The ornaments of this brand especially the Mikimoto pearl necklace are treasured by their buyers lifelong.

There is no doubt that each pearl of theirs seem to be work of art as they are flawless, in right shape and colour. It is because of using high quality nacre to bring out the perfect round shape. Even the techniques they use to wash them are highly supervised to bring out the exact lustrous quality of the pearl. Each pearl is graded by verifying all its qualities and by bringing them out in sunshine. The way the pearl reflects the sun rays falling on it decides its ranking in quality and priced accordingly.

The Company founded by Kokichi Mikimoto has given the world marvellous beautiful pearls as pure as natural pearls for the past one hundred twenty five years. The unwavering dedication of the whole Company employees undoubtedly has made them pioneers in cultured pearls. You can also visit this website https://mysqmclub.com/  to get detailed information about the latest design pearls set and chain.

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