12 Must-Have Jewelry Brands for Status-Conscious Ladies in 2020


Mass production of accessories like jewellery is out. Buyers no longer wear a specific brand or style for longer. They want to change that’s why traditional styles are out and modern choices are getting in. Max presents the largest fashion conversation right now with its Max fashion promo code. Buyers who get this code from Coupon.ae enjoy double benefits of getting the latest choices in an affordable way.


Most Instagram models and influencers wear Catbird. Noticing this ultra-modern necklace in the neck of a famous model is very frequent today. Catbird is a delicate and handmade pick made from recycled materials.


The style originated in New York but it is now frequently preferred in the Middle East especially UAE. Ladies in UAE love the artisan collection (especially the 7th generation). Aerates also offers superior standards such as necklaces, gleaming studs and midi rings.


This is a sophisticated jewellery item with an innovative environmental footprint. This accessory was designed to support the local cultures. Today, this style is commonly used in various parts of the world.

Sandy Leong:

This brand presents pure 18K gold crafts. These are manufactured in New York but transported to the Middle East in bulks. Today, Sandy Leong has a big market in the UAE and other countries.


The products by Accompany are inspired by artisan crafting. This is a special accessory made by a woman for women. This interesting brand presents highly sophisticated and inspiring labels.

Bario Neal:

This is a top gemstone and metal mining group but they are now in the business of crafting accessories for ladies. They present top gemstones and metals in a stylish design. Ladies who like accessories with some ethical origins should buy the Accompany products with Max fashion promo code.


This brand is famous to combine ethical practices and modern silhouette. This brand delivers sustainable crafting techniques with recycled materials. Special handmade designs are must-have accessories for the ladies.

Venessa Lianne’s Metals:

Metal accessories offered by this top jewellery brand are100 % environment friendly and sustainable. It is among the best diamond sellers offering the reclaimed products. get sophisticated jewels to shine in any party.

Young inThe Mountains:

The Motto of craftsmen at this company is “Our hands are human, not robotics.” This brand is a considerable approach for the ladies looking for natural and raw sources. This manufacturer is famous to maintain the original silhouette in an inspiring design. They offer 100 % handmade jewels for ladies.

Ali Grace Collection:

Items offered by this brand are originally handcrafted in New York. They use 14K gold to shape the accessories with stones and diamonds. This brand is among the top choices to gift someone.

Noor Shamma:

This brand presents a blend of traditional and modern craftsmanship. They have skilled artisans to create elegant and conflict-free designs.

Castle Cliff:

The brand originated in 1918 and launched again in 2017. They never use toxic materials while creating different accessories for customers. Women wearing some of their top products usually enjoy an inspirational look in the parties.

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