Fish Pie the Lazy Way With Salmon and a Potato Topping


What lifts this fish pie is the smooth sauce and the enormous succulent pieces of salmon. Really, I get it’s fairly over the top for standard eating anyway not incredibly so and you can commonly save it for a week’s end treat in the event that you’re on a constrained spending plan. Time it right and you may even catch a side of salmon set apart down off the fish counter, by then the entire supper ends up being amazingly humble. Just bundle up and freeze the remainder of use for fish cakes or you could have a go at making my Oriental Salmon – an immaculate top decision, venerated by all who endeavor it.

The unprecedented thing about the sauce, is it’s astoundingly rapid and easy to make and tastes so incredible you’ll unquestionably require seconds (in this way the liberal parts!)

On the off chance that you’re not used to cooking at speed and like to work at an agreeable pace, air pocket and pound the potatoes first, spread and keep warm while you proceed ahead with the fish. Regardless, I wager you had no idea about a fish pie could be on the table so fast!

This is Your Main event:

The trick here is to cut the potatoes pitifully so they cook very quickly. So start by making the pound.

Warmth up the pot with 1 liter water by then fill a medium dish, incorporate salt, spread with a top and spot over a high warmth.

Strip 500g potatoes and cut into modest ¼ cm cuts. Add to the rapidly gurgling water, supersede the top and snappy air pocket for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile put the salmon filets in the frying pan with 125ml infection water and 1 tbsp Knorr liquid fish stock. Spot over a high warmth and cook the filets for 2 minutes each side.

Keeping the frying pan on the glow, warily move the salmon filets to the gratin dish.

Keep warming up the fish stock until it has lessened by for all intents and purposes half by then incorporate 250ml twofold cream and air pocket to thicken.

Blend the cream once in a while to shield it from singing. Exactly when it’s adequately thick to cover the back of a wooden spoon evacuate the glow.

Taste and season with dull pepper and a nice press of lemon crush and put in a safe spot.

Tip the potatoes into the strainer and leave to drain.

Return the pot to the stove and spot over a high warmth. Incorporate 2 tbsp milk and 50g margarine, (cut it first so it condenses quickly.)

By and by incorporate the potatoes and beat with the masher until smooth and rich white. Season with white pepper and displace the spread.

Half fill a little compartment with water, incorporate salt by then spot over a high warmth and bring to the air pocket in status for the peas.

Turn the fire cook on to high.

Break the salmon into tremendous pieces (don’t pressure that they’re not totally cooked at this stage). Spread with the smooth sauce by then top with the beat potato taking it right to the edges. Score with a fork and spot under the hot fire cook to dull shaded.

Detect the 2 supper plates on the base of the grill to warm through.

Tip 100g petit pois into the gurgling water, a scramble of salt and leave to rise for a couple of moments. Channel and return to the compartment with a handle of margarine.

Check the fish pie, when it’s splendid darker remove from under the fire sear.

Take out the warmed supper plates and driving force the peas and fish pie onto each plate and serve.

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