Few Signs That Shows You Have Got Gum Disease


If you are really concerned about having gum disease, then you are not wrong. There are many in Midlothian and also half a million in the USA have got gum disease. Ronald C. Mamrick, who is a Midlothian family dentist, has also treated many patients for gum disease. 

This is also known as periodontal disease, and in this condition, a patient may have a few serious consequences not only for his teeth, but also on his overall health. It is a very chronic condition, which can progress very fast, and older people are at greater risk. It may lead to an infected tooth and eventually lead to its removal.

The following are a few signs of gum disease:

Bleeding gums

If you notice blood while brushing your teeth, then this can be the earliest gum disease sign and you must visit any dentist at Midlothian. 

Redness and swelling

Another earlier sign of having gum disease can be swelling and redness in a single spot or it can also be all along the gum line.

Gum recession

Gum recession can be loss of your gum tissue from all around the tooth, as a result, it can expose the root.

Gum pockets

Generally, dentists can measure gum pockets after charting or probing to decide the general health status of your gum.

Tooth sensitivity

Gum pocketing and recession may lead to your tooth sensitivity. In such cases, sensitivity can also be one of the signs of gum disease.

Loose teeth

Bacterial infection also can form certain pockets under the gum line, and that can be a reason for the gum tissue to get separated from your tooth root.

High blood sugar

People having type 2 diabetes can have a greater risk of certain gum diseases that may progress faster.

Abscess in the gums

If this sign is noticed then it indicates a certain severe gum infection and should be immediately treated.

Gum disease is rather frequent, but it does not improve without better oral hygiene and skilled dental care. When people with gum disease floss or brush their teeth, their gums usually begin to bleed. If the condition persists, it will cause further inflammation and the gums will recede. 

Gum disease can eventually lead to loss of tooth. However, that may not be a very important problem. Gum disease is linked to type 2 diabetes as well as increased risk of stroke and heart attack.

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