What Can Cause Crooked Teeth?


Los Gatos orthodontics is a special dental clinic that is particularly concerned with treating and diagnosing tooth misalignment and other irregularities in your jaw area.  Initially, this kind of orthodontic treatment was meant for treating teens or pre-teens, however, nowadays around 30% of orthodontic patients can usually be among adults.

If you have got very well-aligned teeth, there are many advantages like:

  • You can clean your teeth easily
  • Better oral hygiene
  • You can have clearer speech
  • Have a more pleasing smile

Although, orthodontic treatment can always be effective whatever may be the age, however, the American Dental Association normally suggests that your orthodontic assessment must be done at the age of 7 and the problem at this age can be resolved more successfully.

Malocclusion will generally arise because of mismatches between the upper/lower jaw sizes. Also, it can occur when your teeth are not of the right size for your jaw. There can be several factors right from genetics to your dental hygiene that can cause such a problem to happen.


Genetics plays a significant role in your teeth alignment. You are more likely to have crooked teeth if you have a family history of them, and it is a hereditary feature.

Birth defects

A cleft palate is a birth abnormality in which the tissues of your mouth’s roof do not form fully, making babies more likely to grow crooked teeth. Also, this is true in situations with cleft lip, where the top lip has been impacted by the abnormality.

Thumb sucking

Thumb sucking can have a big impact on teeth development and is a typical reason for misalignment. A few other behaviors like sucking or even sucking on a pacifier are normal till the age of 3, it can become troublesome after that.

Tongue thrusting and forward posturing

Tongue thrusting is another factor that contributes to dental misalignment. This is when the tongue will brush the upper teeth while you swallow, which is most common in infants and youngsters. 

Tongue thrusting can result in crooked teeth after some time and are caused by abnormalities with tongue or jaw structure that is overly big.

Facial injury

Fractures of the skull or jawbone, such as those sustained in a serious fall or accident, can have a major impact on tooth alignment. The upper and lower jaws might become distorted or misaligned as they can heal from the damage, resulting in crooked teeth.

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