Get Orthodontic Treatment For a Healthy and Beautiful Smile


Did you know that your teeth position’s misalignment can cause your teeth to be less functional, make you uncomfortable, and lack confidence? Skyline smiles use orthodontic treatment to ensure your upper and lower teeth are correctly aligned.

What is Orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontics or malocclusion is a field of dentistry that specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of dentofacial anomalies. Malocclusion can cause muscle tension, pain, and hinder certain movements such as chewing or biting. If left untreated, it can lead to more serious conditions such as gum disease and cavities. Examples of malocclusion include the open mouth, closed occlusion, and vertical overhang.

Wearing dental braces in adults; there is no age limit to an elegant smile

Some people assume that orthodontic treatment is only for small children and teenagers. It is a wrong belief since your teeth alignment can change at any age. Many adults are using this treatment to boost their smiles and facial appearance. Depending on your unique situation, many options exist and Harleen Grewal DDS can recommend the treatment. Overall, orthodontics in adults results in changing the way your teeth are aligned.

Treatment options

Some treatment options that are available include oral surgery, retainers, fixed and removable appliances.

In fixed orthodontics, the dentist uses an enamel spindle for accuracy and to achieve the best results. The advantage of this approach is that the braces are less visible, and with improvements in technology, tooth-colored options made of ceramic are now available.

Removable braces operate just like their fixed counterparts, and although they are not permanent, you can wear them before a fixed installation. 

Orthodontics for better oral health

The benefits of orthodontics extend beyond your appearance aspect. The treatment leads to better oral health by improving the alignment of your teeth. It solves biting problems and makes cleaning easier. 

Another benefit is that it reduces gum disease, jawbones conditions, and premature wear, leading to cracking or fractures. Lastly, it corrects chewing and speech problems that occur because of poor alignment of teeth.

Side effects and follow up

Orthodontic treatment is a safe yet complex procedure that requires the application of local anesthesia. It may involve several appointments with Harleen Grewal, DDS until your teeth are correctly aligned.

Some of the most common side effects include jaw pain, headache, anxiety, flareup, and tiredness. However, these should go away in a few days after treatment. If the symptoms prolong, you can consult your doctor, who may prescribe some medications.

Your dentist will schedule follow-up visits, which help you achieve the full benefits of your orthodontic treatment. With time, your jaw adjusts naturally for the proper positioning of your teeth.

Finally, you can now live normally with no braces as your jaw adapts to your new teeth alignment.

A smile is the best thing ever and if your teeth are misaligned or overlapping, an orthodontics treatment will solve the anomaly. Make an appointment with the experts for a complete evaluation of your oral situation and treatment.

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