Did you know that Injection is the Best Way of Treating Chronic Pain?


There are many ways of treatments at the doctor’s office or the main hospital. The type of treatment to undergo depends on the type of disease and its severity. According to research, the best way of treating and managing chronic pain is through injections. There are many types of chronic pain, such as back pain, heel pain, joint pain, and hip pain. Pain occurs when the tissues become infected or worn out. Pain can limit you from doing your daily work. For pain treatment injections, Fredericksburg injections specialists are the paramount you can consult.

Types of injections for pain relief you can get

There are three types of pain injections that you can have in your doctor’s office. Injectable drugs work as a substitute for tablet painkillers such as OTCs and opioids. The disadvantage of tablet painkillers is that some of them are very addictive. They can also discolor your teeth and probably cause acid reflux disease. On the other hand, research shows that injections to relieve pain can last for a long time, and it can heal any part of your body. They include:

  1. Facet joint injections. Facets are bones present in your spinal cord. These bones connect the articulate and the spinal vertebrae. When these bones develop degenerative diseases, stiffness and severe pain can occur at the joints. When injections are made, the medicine blocks the nerves, acts as an anesthetic, and reduces inflammation. To make the injection a success, your doctor can use a fluoroscope to guide the needles to the facet joint.
  2. Epidural steroid injections. This injection is used to treat pain that occurs between the vertebral structure and the dural sac that cover that spinal cord. This injection reduces inflammation of nerves that causes pain when stressed. According to specialists, epidural steroid injections can last even for two years.
  3. Sacroiliac joint injection. A Sacroiliac is a joint found in the spinal cord. This area is prone to inflammation conditions known as sacroiliac joint dysfunction. During the treatment, medicine is injected into the joint area, reducing the pain immediately. The inflammation also goes out after a few hours.

The above injections concentrate on spinal conditions more than other parts of the body. However, there is one type of injection that can treat chronic wounds and pain.

  • Platelet-rich plasma. Platelet-rich plasma works with the concept of increasing platelets in your blood. The platelets are extracted from your blood using a centrifuge machine. The solution rich in platelets is injected into your joints or the areas with the wound. The purpose of the solution is to speed up the healing process and regenerate the damaged tissues. Since the healing is fast, pain and inflammation are reduced fast.

Injection treatment can be done on adults and children. However, the decision of injection should come from your doctor since not every person can undergo injections. For you to have injections for chronic pain, Prime Regenerative and Pain Management center are the best to consult.

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