Get to learn and understand more about emergency dentistry in Perris.


Generally, emergency dentistry is not only frightening to children but also adults. For this reason, most people usually like partnering with a dental care team that is experienced in offering appropriate treatment in a welcoming and friendly environment. Doing so ensures the clients have peace of mind during the delivery of care. A Perris chief dentist ensures that the care team understands the importance of treating serious dental conditions by ensuring emergency dentistry is always available.

What is emergency dentistry?

Emergency dentistry is typically different from non-emergency or routine treatment. It provides or offers immediate treatment to dental concerns to address an urgent issue or prevent the problem from worsening. It is also not similar to a minor dental problem or routine check-up because if your child has an emergency, you can’t wait for twenty-four or forty-eight hours before the dentist sees or reviews you. The health care provider also understands the importance of offering prompt care to reduce the effect of the problem and alleviate any discomfort that the child might be experiencing.

How to know if your child requires emergency dentistry?

Most dental problems might end up causing longtime issues, especially if they are left untreated or ignored. And the most common question most people tend to ask themselves is how to differentiate between a normal tooth development and any cause of concern or alarm. Therefore parents are encouraged to bring their children to the facility if they begin experiencing the following;

  • Lost crown or filling,
  • Oral infection
  • Chipped or broken tooth
  • Bleeding mouth
  • Severe mouth pain
  • Cracked or fractured tooth
  • Pain when biting down
  • Lasting toothache
  • Part or whole knocked out tooth

However, suppose your child might be experiencing mouth pain secondary to head trauma or injury. In that case, you are advised to an urgent care facility or emergency room to have them checked over before making an appointment. You are also advised to do the same if there is noticeable damage to your child’s mouth.

How to prepare for your child’s emergency dentistry appointment?

Before an emergency dentist appointment, it is required that your child brings along insurance documents, uses an ice pack to reduce any discomfort or swelling, places any knocked-out teeth in a cup of milk, and brings it with them to the facility. Additionally, if your child is in a lot of pain, you can give them a painkiller but ask to confirm if the medication might end up affecting the treatment they should receive.  The team then ensures that the health of your child is their first priority.

In summary, if you or your child is experiencing an unusual mouth appearance or pain, call or visit Dental Kidz Club today.  Similarly, if you think that your child requires emergency dentistry, you can immediately contact the healthcare team. The dentists offer advice via a phone call and practical instructions and guidelines until you arrive at the facility.

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