How Clear Aligners Make a Person Feel Good


Clear aligners are the best way to have orthodontic treatments maintain your smile. Your smile is a priority since it impacts your confidence. Clear aligners are suitable for teenagers and adults. You can find your clear aligners in Tomball and have them fitted for a dental issue while still maintaining your smile. Clear aligners help realign your teeth, a technology that is better than the metallic ones that are less comfortable and not so appealing to your oral aesthetics.

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are structures that help realign your teeth for a better bite and enhance your dental health. Unlike wires and metals, they do not cover your teeth, making your smile and oral aesthetics visible to all. The procedure to fit them begins with a visit to a dental center. Your dentist then makes an impression of your mouth for a better fit. Your dentist can also create an impression of your head and jaws in 3D to improve the fit of your aligners. Finally, you will receive clear aligners that fit well in your mouth. Every few weeks, you have to visit the dental center for new aligners that bring your teeth closer to the desired goal. The last clear aligners will usually accomplish the purpose of the treatment, which is usually between six months and two years. Aligners help deal with the following situations:

  •         Crowding.
  •         Overbite.
  •         Open bite.
  •         Crossbite.
  •         Underbite.
  •         Wide spacing.
  •         Overjet.

You can also receive a series of other treatments before transitioning to clear aligners. Your doctor can recommend hidden braces and brackets, which help deal with severely damaged teeth.

What Are the Recommended Times for Wearing Aligners?

Wear aligners for at least 22 hours a day. You may take them off as you eat and brush your teeth. It is also advisable to clean your teeth after every meal before putting on your aligners, as bacteria in the aligners can lead to cavities. Clear aligners have the latest technology, meaning you cannot crack or break them easily. If you lose your aligners, report the issue to your dentist for quick replacement to avoid disrupting your treatment.

What Benefits Do You Get From Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are comfortable. You can also benefit from their other advantages such as:

  •         Transparency.
  •         Little dietary restrictions.
  •         Fewer check-ups unless changing the structures.
  •         Easy to clean.

Wear the structures for the whole duration of the treatment with only mealtimes and cleaning your teeth as an exception. Your doctor will give you the schedules to have on the aligners and the right way to clean the aligners. It is important to note that any mistake with the aligners can disrupt your alignment, forcing you to start again. After your scans, you will also receive essential instructions for cleaning the aligners to avoid breakage.

Clear aligners are a revolutionary way of dealing with poorly aligned teeth. The structures are simpler and very comfortable than traditional metallic braces. Anytime you want to eat, you can take them off. Call Russell Family Dentistry or book your appointment online to re-shape your dental structure.

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