Reason to Consider a Dental Emergency Plan


You never know when a medical emergency will hit you, which is why it is important to have a dental emergency plan. If you want to maintain your perfect smile after an unfortunate incident affecting your mouth, Midtown emergency dentistry can help. With dental emergency service, you get to skip long queues and have access to the best medical tools and equipment for any dental issue you present.

What is the Purpose of a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency helps you access the best dental tools and skills without waiting for at least a week for an appointment. Dental emergencies can put you in an uncomfortable position or have you avoid eating for a while until you meet with your dentist. With a plan, you eliminate the discomforts and the disruptions by having access to a dentist fast. Symptoms of a dental emergency include:

  • Severely damaged tooth.
  • A broken tooth.
  • Severe pain in the mouth.
  • Dangling tooth in the socket.
  • A knocked-out tooth.

What Should You Do When You Have a Knocked-out Tooth?

Staying calm is the best way to deal with the situation. Teeth affected by an external force weaken or fall out of their socket. Contact your dentist as soon as you have a knocked-out tooth. You should also find something to hold the tooth if you cannot hold it in the socket. It is advisable to have some warm milk to hold your tooth or your tooth in a bowl of saliva. You must preserve the tooth in the saliva until you reach your dentist. Remember, do not eat or have another activity with your mouth if you have a loose or knocked out tooth before meeting your dentist. Whenever you have your tooth in a glass of milk, use warm water to rinse your mouth to eliminate blood stains and use a cold cloth or ice to numb the affected area.

What if Your Teeth Are Broken?

Fortunately, dentists have the technology to solve cracked teeth problems. You will need a filling procedure or have a crown procedure to replace a significant piece of a lost tooth. Crowns and fillings take the shape and look of your other teeth. Your doctor can also recommend an extraction when crowns and fillings are no longer a viable option. There are also many procedures to deal with a completely knocked out tooth whenever your doctor cannot fasten it back in the socket.

What Are the Options for an Extracted Tooth?

After an extraction, you can have options such as implants, which look and feel the same as your other teeth. Your dentist will make several scans and create implants that fit your mouth for aesthetic purposes. In the first appointment, you will have scans, which later follow another appointment for permanent implants that might last a lifetime.

Charles M. Marks, DDS & Dental Associates have the best options for medical emergencies. As soon as you have your issue, they admit you fast to help save your teeth, look for signs of diseases in the mouth, and offer temporary crowns to help maintain your aesthetics. Call the center for all your dental emergency needs.

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