How to Avoid a Herniated Disk


Woodbury is one of the most populated cities in Minnesota. Many people in the city and other parts of the country suffer from chronic back pain, of which herniated discs are a cause. 

Therefore, it is no surprise that a substantial number suffer from herniated discs. If you have a herniated disk in Woodbury, you should see a specialist immediately. They will help you do everything in your power to prevent getting a herniated disk. 

What is a Herniated Disk?

A herniated disk, also known as a slipped or ruptured disc, is an injury that causes the soft center of your spinal discs to push outside their normal boundaries. The push could cause pressure on your spinal nerve root and result in pain radiating from the area where the affected disc is located.

Preventing Herniated Disks

The good news is that you can prevent a herniated disk in the following ways: 

Maintain a healthy weight

People who are overweight may experience immense pressure on their lower back region, leading to a herniated or slipped disc. If you want to avoid herniated discs, do a workout and maintain a healthy weight.

Avoid lifting heavy objects

When lifting heavy loads carelessly, you put yourself at risk of injuring your back. Take caution when lifting loads and have someone to help you. Wearing supportive gear such as a back brace when lifting heavy objects will also help you prevent a herniated or slipped disc. Strengthening your muscles will help you support the back and to avoid herniation.

Avoid sitting for long hours

Sitting for a long time without taking a break is another way of putting yourself at risk of having a herniated or slipped disc. It forces your spine to stay in one position, which puts stress on it; thus, resulting in damage and pain. Prolonged sitting also contributes to obesity.

Exercise regularly

Engage in exercises such as stretching, pilates, and yoga to help your back stay flexible and strong. Regular exercise will make it less likely for you to suffer from a herniated or slipped disc. You should also strive to maintain an upright posture when standing or sitting since slouching may also cause pain in your lower back.

Sleep on a firm mattress

When you sleep on a very soft mattress, the spine will bend a little, leading to a herniated disc. When you sleep on a firm mattress, your spine will maintain its normal position and prevent you from getting herniated discs. Your mattress provides the foundation of your bed; however, its quality may be overshadowed by other factors such as your mattress cover, sheets, and pillows. Mattress quality is more important for your spine’s comfort and health than most people assume.

Proper Posture

Standing and sitting with good posture using back support will make it less likely for you to get a herniated or slipped disc. Your posture is directly related to your spine’s health, and thus you must maintain good posture. If you experience any pain in the back, it will help if you see a doctor or chiropractor immediately before it becomes worse and requires surgery.

A herniated disk is often caused by injuries, overstretching, or both. If you want to avoid a herniated or slipped disc, it’s paramount that you take care of your spine and seek immediate medical attention if you experience any symptoms. Take the necessary precautions to prevent a herniated disk.

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