How to take care of your teeth and gums in Aurora, IL


Do you want your teeth and gums to stay healthy? You can follow some simple measures to do so. You can also take regular professional cleaning from family dental in Aurora, IL. In this blog, you will learn some of the easy tips to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Brush your teeth twice

You must be already aware that brushing teeth is necessary to remove plaque and food debris. But how many times do you skip brushing at night? Brushing at night is as important as brushing in the morning. So next time you tend to ignore it, remind yourself about its importance.

Use the correct brushing technique.

There is a specific technique for brushing. If you brush your teeth without using the proper technique, it won’t be as effective as it should be. The modified Bass technique is the best method of brushing in adults, and the Fones technique is used to brush children’s teeth because they lack the dexterity to follow the modified bass technique. Let’s read about the two methods-

  • Modified bass technique– Place the brush at 45 degrees to your gum line, then move it in short back and forth motions and then a downward stroke.
  • Fones technique– Use circular motions to brush your teeth.

Clean your tongue

Plaque accumulates over the tongue, so daily, clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner. 

Use fluoridated toothpaste

Use a toothpaste that contains fluoride, prevents cavities and helps in the remineralization of teeth.


To clean your interdental surfaces, use floss. Flossing can be difficult for kids, arthritis patients, and older people so that they can use ready-to-use floss readily available in pharmacy stores.


It will be best if you use mouthwash after meals. But avoid using mouthwash after tooth brushing as that can remove the fluoride layer built over teeth due to the toothpaste.

Increase intake of water

Water nullifies the acidic effect of food and removes sticky food particles from the surface of your teeth. So increase your intake of water. 

Cut down sugar

Cavities occur when sugar is converted into acid by microorganisms present in your oral cavity. So cut down your sugar intake. 

A regular visit to your dentist

You should visit your dentist at least twice a year for professional cleaning and filling of cavities (if any).


Your teeth are essential for food mastication and aesthetics, so take good care of them so that you can flaunt your smile.

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