Keeping the Weight Off Post Bariatric Surgery in Atlanta – Some Tips


Putting on weight post weight loss surgery is quite easy. Many patients that have undergone bariatric surgery have gained weight within the next 12 to 18 months. Some have even developed a fistula because of the stomach expansion. Hence, keeping off of weight gain post-bariatric surgery has become a strict suggestion for patients that choose this surgery.

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Weight gain causes

After bariatric surgery, people are strict in their diet and also in their routine of physical activities. As the portion of food that they eat gradually increases, their interest in physical activities will become lesser and lesser day by day. This results in the habit of eat-more and workout less in their daily routine, resulting in weight gain.

Eating more post-bariatric surgery means the continuous addition of more calories to the body resulting in weight gain. Here are some of the common reasons for weight gain.

  • Eating fast food
  • Binge eating
  • Eating going out-of-control
  • Continuing eating even after feeling full
  • Continuously munching something throughout the day

Avoiding weight gain post-bariatric surgery

Here are some of the most suggested tips for avoiding the chances of weight gain post-bariatric surgery.

Drinking more water

Rehydration is the best way of coping up with the mechanisms in the body post-bariatric surgery. The Atlanta physicians suggest keeping the body hydrated will not only avoid the chances of readmission to the hospitals but also help the body to cope with the changes post-surgery. It is suggested to drink more than 48 to 65 oz of water daily.

Schedule visits with the bariatric experts

The bariatric surgeons help patients to follow the strict routine of a healthy diet and physical exercises without fail. Hence, they make sure that the patients are suggested to visit them as frequently as possible to keep an eye on their current body development.

Mindful eating per day with the required amounts of protein in the food is the best way of making sure that a perfect diet is followed post-bariatric surgery. The suggested protein intake per day is 60 to 80 grams daily. Following this routine will surely reduce the chances of gaining unnecessary weight post-bariatric surgery.

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