Top 3 Reasons to Visit a Fertility Clinic


With so much mindfulness and innovation over the last decade, many conversations have come up regarding fertility. Many couples have adopted a proactive approach with their fertility and the need to visit a fertility specialist. If you are younger than 35 and have tried to conceive for a year or more with no success, you may want to see a fertility specialist. Similarly, you should plan this visit if you are 35 or older and have had no success conceiving even after trying for more than half a year. But these are not the only reasons why you should consider visiting the New York Noble Fertility Center or any other fertility center near you. With the importance and fragility of fertility health, there are many different reasons why you may want to visit a fertility center. In this piece, we look at some of the most compelling reasons to see a fertility specialist. Read on for more.

You Have Been Diagnosed With Cancer

If you have been diagnosed with any form of cancer, you need to talk to a fertility specialist about whether or not the malignancy affects the conceptual framework. Many medicines used to treat malignant growths often affect fertility negatively, especially among women, and they all last long. Since your case may not compare to that of another patient, you should carefully consider the available options and how you can save your fertility while receiving treatment. When you visit a fertility clinic, you may benefit from services such as undeveloped organ freezing or egg freezing, moving the ovaries away from radiation, and freezing the ovarian tissue. This can help you protect your fertility so you can conceive without any problem once you recover.

You Experience Irregular or Painful Periods

Painful or irregular periods are a common sign of an ovulatory problem. PCOS is one of the most common conditions in this category. It is a hormonal issue that affects ovulation and makes the periods extremely painful, sporadic, or nonexistent. Another common issue that causes painful periods is the breaking down in the pituitary gland or nerve center. It may also come about due to problems with the follicles on your ovaries. They all make it hard to have regular ovulation and periods. Although uncommon, you can also stop ovulating earlier than expected due to early menopause.

You Have an Abnormal BMI

Before you even start looking at different fertility options, you should know that weight also impacts your ability to conceive. It affects your reproductive capabilities and hormonal balance. If you have a BMI lower than 18 or higher than 30, you are more likely to have fertility problems or complications during pregnancy. If you fall in this category, you may want to visit a fertility clinic for details on how you can achieve the ideal BMI.

To summarize, many people only visit a fertility clinic if they have tried conceiving with no success. However, there are many different reasons to visit a fertility clinic, such as having irregular or painful periods. You may also want to see a fertility clinic if you have an abnormal BMI or are diagnosed with cancer.

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