Nerve-Blocking Injection for Pain Management


Constant and chronic pain can be incapacitating. You don’t have to live with it, though, as there are many nerve-blocking treatments that could ease the pain. Chronic pain could result from trauma, infections like arthritis, and post-surgery procedures. You could seek an expert in epidural steroid injection in McAllen for advice and back pain treatment. 

How Epidural Injections Reduce Pain

Epidural injections work on the nerve endings to control severe and mild pain, and they are injected directly into the affected area. If you have back pain, you could directly receive the epidural injection to the spinal cord, on the neck, and other parts of the spine. Your doctor should inform you about the local anesthesia used during the procedure and the combination of the steroids in the epidural injection. Epidural steroid injection on the spinal cord blocks the nerves that transmit pain to the brain and helps you engage in physical exercises that could help you regain normal body functions without surgery.

Why You Need a Nerve Block

The epidural injection on the spinal cord could help doctors know the areas responsible for the pain, and thus act as diagnostic tools. Your doctor could inject epidural steroids with short term effects on the spinal cord to map the areas with pain for effective pain treatment. They could help guide the location where one needs surgery or other pain treatment options.

How the Body Responds To Epidural Injections

Nerve blocks could give immediate relief to chronic and mild pain, but people react differently to the steroid injection. Some people could get instant pain relief from the epidural nerve block, but others could take multiple injections to get the desired results. Although the injection results are unpredictable, your doctor could guide you on the journey, as pain is a personal perception, and everyone could react differently. Additionally, if you have had pain for a short time, you might get instant relief compared to a person who has had pain long-term. The longer the time one has had pain, the higher the chances of needing multiple injections, which deal with the pain generators. Therefore, it could help if you got the injection before the pain becomes chronic for better results.

What to Expect After an Epidural Injection

Although you would get local anesthesia, it does not last for long, and you could get post-procedure pain that will improve with time. The peak of the effect of nerve-blocking should occur within ten days, and you will start to feel better slowly. The first response to the nerve-blocking injection could form the baseline for your doctor regarding future treatments, and they help pinpoint the nerve that causes pain.


Although post-surgery pain, trauma, and pain that results from different diseases could cause havoc for you, it should not be a part of your life. You can seek medical nerve blocking procedures like epidural injections that help pinpoint the pain’s exact location. They could help guide your doctor on further pain treatment and help you undertake everyday activities before getting surgical procedures to treat the underlying conditions.


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