Proper Concrete Sawing Process in Toronto


Concrete sawing is a complex task that calls for the use of proper equipment and skills. The work should only be handled by people with proper expertise and experience and everything done professionally to guarantee the best results. The process of proper concrete and road sawing normally starts with the use of the right cutting power tools and the procedure should be done right if the desired results are to be obtained. Below are some of the right steps that should be followed for guaranteed safety and quality results.

Testing process

Toronto concrete sawing should always begin with a non-destructive, on-site concrete testing. A reliable contractor will use X-rays and radar to image walls and floors, thus helping to determine the spacing, thickness and the location of walled-in or buried infrastructure including conduit and rebar. There are different types of concrete, thus requiring different approaches and blades used to cut them. For example, reinforced concrete (concrete that has steel bars) will require the use of special blades designed for this kind of work. Concretes also have varying curing time with cured concrete being tougher and harder to cut while fresh concretes are more abrasive. This calls for the use of different blades for guaranteed safety and minimal collateral damage.

Choice of proper blades

The technology employed in road sawing has really advanced. There are different types of blades available including silver-blazed blades and laser-welded blades which are ideal for high performance and firm laser welding. However, it is important to check the diameters of the blades based on the saw’s size and what it can accommodate. The concrete saw’s horsepower should also be considered when choosing the blades as it squarely affects the reliability and durability of the blade segments based on the toughness of the concrete.

Cutting techniques

Cutting the concrete too deep could result in control joint cracks. Proper Toronto concrete sawing should be done right in the middle of the block instead of the steel reinforcement level. It is important to know the right timing to saw the concrete and this is largely determined by the slab size. In addition, you should groove the control joints before the concrete hardens. This should be done using a grove tool with blade designed for sawing through partially solid concrete.

When sawing the concrete, personal safety should be a major consideration and this means you should wear proper safety gear before starting your road sawing. Proper skills should be employed to avoid possible injuries. In addition, it is important to keep the resulting dust in control. It is always important to ensure that the person handling your Toronto concrete sawing project is properly skilled and trained on how to use power tools as this is the only way to avoid costly collateral damage and injuries.

Precision is very important when doing road sawing considering that errors are not easy to correct if they happen. Concrete sawing can be used for both large and small scale projects including door enlargement, cutting electrical conduit and plumbing trenches or on bridges and interstate highways among others. It is always important to choose the right road sawing company for cost-effectiveness and quality results.

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