Seek no More for a Natural Treatment for Your Chronic Condition


If you are suffering from chronic lesions, a natural solution is here for you. Wound care specialists Ashley Huddleston, MD, and Autumn Savage, DO, CWS-P, offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Fort Worth to support the body’s natural healing process. It is an advanced treatment that exposes your body to pure oxygen to ward off infections and promote healing.

Why Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is Necessary

Your body’s tissues require an adequate supply of oxygen to function. More oxygen is needed for the survival of a tissue when it is injured. Hypobaric oxygen therapy aims to increase the amount of oxygen in your blood, and when applied repeatedly, it promotes the normal tissue oxygen levels.

This procedure can be recommended when dealing with a variety of conditions, including:

  • Venous leg ulcers
  • Venous and arterial ulcers
  • Non-healing surgical wounds
  • Diabetic wounds
  • Bone infections
  • Gangrene
  • Crush injuries
  • Burns

How it Works

Hypobaric oxygen therapy is done in a chamber that has more pressure compared to the atmospheric pressure. This allows the oxygen to be absorbed by all body fluids, cells, and tissues, even those with less blood flow. As a result, oxygen flow is stimulated, restoring function to damaged cells and organs.

The extra high oxygen concentration also enhances the ability of the platelets to kill bacteria. It also reduces swelling and promotes new stem cells and blood vessels in the affected area, improving healing and recovery.

How to Know if you Qualify for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Only qualified specialists like Dr. Huddleston and Dr. Autumn Savage can determine if you are a good candidate for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This is through a physical exam, medical history review, and discussions on your treatment goals. If you have an open wound, you are likely to qualify.

What to Expect for the Procedure

At Wound Evolution-Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine, the procedure is carried out on-site in their state-of-the-art offices. Before the process, you may be required to eliminate any hair product and give any electronics, including your mobile phone, to your provider. This is because pure oxygen is highly flammable. Afterward, you can sit or lie down at a table where you place a lightweight mask or hood over your head. As a result, the mask releases a steady stream of oxygen directly to your lungs.

During the procedure, you might experience increased air pressure that can cause your ears to pop like they would at a high altitude. However, you can relieve this through yawning or swallowing. You can also receive additional information depending on the condition being treated.

The procedure can take about two hours, but there is no downtime, and you can return to normal activities right away.


To optimize the benefit of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, you require more than one treatment. However, the number of treatments is dependent on the nature of your condition. The procedure can also be used as a part of a comprehensive treatment plan to complement other therapies or medications.

If you feel that this is the treatment you need, you can request a hyperbaric oxygen therapy consultation at Wound Evolution-Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine. Learn more about the procedure and how you can benefit from it as you get guidance from the experts.

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