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For proper functioning of our lives, good health is essential. From the biggest organ to the smallest one, they all coordinate for a healthy you, hence when one part is affected, the whole body gets affected, too. In addition to maintenance care, regular check-ups are vital to ensuring all our body parts are in good shape and well-functioning for our good health. The vascular system is one of the vital parts in our bodies, consisting of blood vessels that help with circulation of blood and lymph throughout the body. Hamilton Vascular specializes in providing effective vascular health diagnostics and treatments. They offer medical solutions to all vascular health conditions, including deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in Webster.

Hamilton Vascular is the first and among the best outpatient interventional radiology practices in Southern Texas. The medical facility was founded by Carlos Hamilton III, MD to provide quality diagnostic and treatments for vascular and vein conditions. With five locations in Webster, Sugar Land, Round Rock, Katy, and San Antonio, Texas, the practice takes pride in serving people of all ages with comprehensive health care. The team at Hamilton Vascular consists of board-certified physicians and surgeons that excel in using advanced knowledge to provide vascular and vein treatments. The highly skilled team combines modern technology and minimally invasive techniques to provide diagnoses and treatments for various diseases, including edema, chronic venous insufficiency, and diabetic vascular disease, among others.

Dr. Carlos and his team at Hamilton Vascular value the well-being of their patients where they not only treat their symptoms, but the whole body to ensure they are healthy. They use image-guided technology, such as ultrasound equipment, to evaluate any inner complications for effective treatment. They are caring to all their patients, striving to offer the best personalized care available to meet each patient’s health needs. Their team is highly experienced and qualified; hence their patients are guaranteed great, efficient results. Their care is affordable and convenient for many individuals since they accept major health insurance providers. They are professionals in gaining better health and offers services such as:

Diabetic Vascular Disease

When you have diabetes, you are likely to have circulatory system problems that mostly affect your legs and feet. To treat this, in addition to having a healthy lifestyle, diabetic vascular disease treatments are available. Visit Hamilton Vascular today to learn more about diabetic vascular disease.

Edema and Leg Swelling

Edema is a painless swelling condition on your leg, mainly caused by the buildup of fluid in the tissues leading to poor circulation. It could also be due to conditions such as chronic venous insufficiency. At Hamilton Vascular, they provide useful diagnosis and treatment for edema and vascular conditions. Call or book online for a consultation.

Hamilton Vascular in Texas is committed to offering efficient vascular health care to patients of all ages. The practice is among the best and the first to be established for interventional radiology in Southern Texas. Dr. Carlos Hamilton III, MD, together with his team of board-certified surgeons and doctors, use innovative and advanced medical technology to offer effective diagnostics and treatments for vascular health conditions. They are understanding and caring, and offer each patient with individualized care. They are welcoming to new and existing patients. If you have any vascular health problems, visit them at one of their convenient locations in Texas for a health experience you won’t regret.

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