Oral Health and Teeth Replacement Techniques


Having the perfect and healthy mouth signifies your overall oral performance. There are many ways you can keep your mouth clean. Dirty teeth keep infectious pathogens which sorry destroy your teeth, tongue, and gum. It is vital to clean your teeth regularly with the required toothbrush and toothpaste. However, there are other factors like sugary foods and medicines that promote the damage of your teeth and gum. Due to the growth of technology, your damaged teeth or lost teeth can be replaced through various techniques. Medical clinic in Delray Beach, FL, performs oral services and teeth replacement (dental implants), ensuring that your mouth is fresh and presentable. Below are the major techniques used in teeth or tooth replacements.

Types of dental implant techniques

If you have lost some of your teeth or all teeth, then you are the best candidate for dental implants. There are several types of dental implants that you can undergo. The doctor will suggest the best techniques after diagnosing your jawbones. If you have weak jawbones or strong jawbones, the dentist will offer you the best procedure. The major types of dental implants techniques include;

  • Dental bridge.A dental bridge is a technique used to replace a missing tooth or teeth on your upper or lower jaw. It is recommended for people with weak jaws. The doctor files your two teeth around the area of the implant. Artificial crowns are then joined together with a putty-like substance according to the number of your missing teeth. The doctor then places the crowns on the gap and supported by the filed back and the front teeth. Crowns are then adjusted to resemble your natural teeth.
  • Endosteal dental implants.This technique is recommended for people with strong jawbones. The doctor uses an artificial crown and roots to resemble your original teeth. An incision is made at the top of your gums. Screw-like roots are placed and fixed in the jaw. After one week, the dentist places the crowns on top of the artificial roots. Local anesthesia may be used to reduce discomfort.
  • All-on-4 dental implant.This technique uses artificial gums and teeth. A dental structure is made, representing your dental formula. The structure is then placed in your mouth, replacing all teeth.

According to oral specialists, replacing your lost tooth or teeth has health and social importance. Below are some of the importance associated with teeth replacement.

Significances of performing dental implants

These importances include;

  • Elevates appearance.Dental implants retain your original mouth structure, thus enhancing appearance.
  • They raise your self-esteem. Gaps in your teeth, for example, at the front of your jaw, may be very embarrassing when you are with friends or family members. Teeth replacement eliminates gaps, thus improving your smile and confidence.
  • Speech enhancement. Teeth irregularities may cause some of your words to mumble or slur. Dental implants correct your teeth’ irregularities, thus enhancing your speech.

Oral hygiene is the key factor to a healthy mouth. It is vital to undergo a dental check-up twice a month to know your overall dental health. Dental implant techniques are used to replace your missing teeth. These are very important since they improve your dental health. Consult the Delray Medical & Dental clinic for more information concerning dental implants and oral hygiene.

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