These tools are a pregnant woman’s best friends


In a woman’s life, pregnancy is one of the toughest parts physically, mentally and emotionally. Your body is changing constantly and you are, more often than not, not prepared for the changes that are to come. But one must not deny that the advancement of technology over the ages has benefitted pregnancy by a great deal. Women are now exposed to a variety of experiences from across the globe and can their hands onto any help online. It is a boon to pregnant mothers because of its help. Moreover, there are a lot of tools for pregnancy available online that make the experience much more hassle-free.

The software makes pregnancy less confusing, more efficient and much more organized. The tools available are very ergonomic and quite life-changing for expecting mothers. There are tools with different uses, some of them being an all-inclusive address book, timers and trackers for various aspects that are involved in pregnancy, pregnancy date tools and numerous more. Below are some of the tools that we offer to you:

  1. My Address Book:

When you are pregnant, it must be essential to have everything organized just in case something happens. We offer you an uncomplicated and easy-to-use address book that can store the contact information of up to 5 people. This is the most user-friendly contact book that can have all your pregnancy-related contacts that can be accessed in case of emergencies. The address book has the person’s phone number, email ID and their location as well.

  1. Due Date Calculator:

This tool is one of the most helpful tools in our collection. It is one of the pregnancy date tools. Once you know that you are pregnant, you can feed that into the tool and it will tell you your approximate due date. Apart from that, because your due date is now received by the tools, it lets you know about the important dates like the beginning of trimesters.

  1. Gestational Age Video:

It must an absolute joy to watch videos of the developing baby. Our tools help in showing you that video once you calculate your gestational age. This tool will play you the video of the development of the baby to the current age of your fetus. You can virtually follow your baby’s developmental growth through this video.

  1. Kick Counter:

Kicks and other fetal movements indicate good health of the baby. It could be good practice to count the baby’s kicks when they are most active. This helps in noticing changes if there is a change in the kicking pattern of the baby. This one of the most useful tools for pregnancy that only lets you count the kicks in an efficient way but also creates a report that can be accessed later.

  1. Contraction Timer:
  2. It is essential to measure and track contractions in regular conditions so that you have a general idea of how it’s supposed to be and notice any changes. It is especially helpful during labour because it will help you understand if you are in labour. The tool helps you save and record the contractions.
  3. My Calendar:

Once your due date has been entered, our Calendar tool gives you daily tips and information according to your due date. You can also feed in your events and appointments in this calendar. Moreover, you can also receive emails about the same as well.

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