Top 5 Circumstances Leading to a Tooth Extraction


Your natural teeth are designed to last a lifetime, and your dentist can do all it takes to ensure that it remains that way. However, no matter the efforts they can put in managing your teeth complications, the issues can be too severe to be treated. This sometimes will leave the dentists or oral surgeon such as Oscar Muniz, DMD, MD no other option but to extract your tooth. For the best The Woodlands, TX oral & maxillofacial surgeon contact Oral Facial Surgery Specialists. Here are the top five circumstances that can lead to tooth extraction.

1. Your Teeth are Overcrowded

You can have teeth that are too big to fit correctly in your mouth, causing overcrowding. Also, when you are developing wisdom teeth, they may develop abnormally, causing your teeth to be overcrowded in your mouth. This condition can further cause your teeth to become crooked. Although crooked teeth can be treated through orthodontia, tooth extraction is necessary to create room in your mouth for the teeth to move. Your oral surgeon will evaluate your teeth and determine those that can be extracted.

2. You Have Experienced a Traumatic Damage

Some traumatic accidents such as a fall, car collision, or a blow to your face can severely damage your teeth. Your teeth can become loose or develop fractures, both of which can cause severe symptoms, such as pain. When other treatments fail to give you relief, yYour oral surgeon can suggest a tooth extraction to give you relief and prevent future complications.

3. Your Teeth are Impacted

There are several factors that can prevent your teeth from growing out of the gum, which is when it is said to be impacted. This makes the tooth not grow to its expected position, a condition most common with wisdom teeth. This can be due to the gum failing to erupt completely, preventing the teeth from emerging, or something can be blocking the teeth and preventing them from developing in the right way. This condition can cause severe symptoms, leaving your oral surgeon with no option other than to extract the tooth.

4. Severe Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a common condition affecting many people globally. Although the complication can be managed through other treatment options in its acute stage, it can become unmanageable when it becomes severe. This is because it affects the pulp at the center of the tooth, leaving it vulnerable to bacterial infection. The infection can be too harsh to respond to other treatment options such as root canal, leaving your provider no choice other than to recommend an extraction.

5. Periodontal Disease

This is yet another common oral health complication affecting many people globally. It involves the surrounding structures that hold the teeth in place, particularly the gums. It can also affect your alveolus, the socket where your tooth sits. In its authoritarian state, periodontal disease can affect both the gums and the alveolus, causing your teeth to become loose alongside other severe symptoms. In this circumstance, your provider can recommend an extraction to eliminate the problem and the symptoms.

Finally, tooth extraction necessarily comes when other options to manage your condition have failed. Therefore, if you have the above complications, you might be a candidate for extraction. Contact your provider at Oral Facial Surgery Specialists at The Woodlands for more information.

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