Upper Extremity Specialists


Synergy Orthopaedic Specialists Medical Group has a group of specialists who specialize in Upper Extremities. The team is led by Dr. Kristopher L. Downing who strives to achieve meticulousness, and he tends to pay attention to detail. Paying attention to detail has boosted his reputation since it has led to numerous success stories. He and his experienced and effective team are focused on dealing with a wide range of issues including, shoulders, hands, wrists, and elbows. They have a keen interest in Orthopedic care of the upper extremity.

The team is qualified to deal with a wide range of upper extremity diseases and traumas. They focus on offering customized expert care and advice. They are certified and experienced in dealing with sports medicine diagnosis and treatment; their reputation precedes them here concerning helping the athletes return to a state of normalcy in the fastest time possible. Their greatest joy and excitement is when they deal with your condition through nonsurgical means. Nevertheless, this does not mean that they are not qualified in performing surgery, but they only offer it when it is most prudent.

They also accept a majority of the insurance plans. In addition, they have qualified and customer friendly staff and personnel. From the first call, they handle you with a family feel; everyone is treated as part of the family.

Table of Contents

Injuries Serviced 

  •       Shoulder Injuries
  •       Elbow Injuries
  •       Wrist Injuries
  •       Hans Injuries
  •       Regenerative Orthopedics
  •       Non-Operative Orthopedics
  •       Trauma
  •       Sports Medicine

These are some of the services that you expect to get when you decide to consult the team at Upper Extremity Specialists.

Kristopher Downing, MD, Daniel Brereton DO, in collaboration with his team of highly qualified specialists in their center offers their client’s comprehensive care. Whether the client is suffering from a serious injury or a minor one, the level of attention given is always equal.

A majority of the people tend to assume an injury doesn’t need to be seen by a doctor, but it is always advisable to seek rehabilitation after every injury. Physical therapy is a key element if you desire to get well and make a full recovery. It’s focus is on healing, building strength, restoring motion and lastly, focuses on preventing any future injury.

Rehab is crucial in the treatment of chronic orthopaedic conditions; these include conditions such as Arthritis. It reduces inflammation and general stiffness. Along with physical therapy, one can have use of regenerative medicine as a different treatment plan. The treatment increases the body’s healing response.

The technological innovations that have been adopted by the center is another key part in their success story. They use the latest technology to locate the pain or dislocation, determine the level of injury or impact, after which they make the necessary conclusions. 

So if you are dealing with an extremity injury, do not allow yourself to be put down by it. Seek the assistance of an upper extremity specialist who is ready to jump in and help you out in your hardest time. Book an appointment over the phone or online and you will not regret it.

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